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Things to explore in Venice

1 Grand Canal of Venice

While the ancient canal measures 3.8 kilometers in length, it winds through Venice in a large S-shape and divides the city on two sides. It is starting from the San Marco Basin to a lagoon near the Santa Lucia train station. The Grand Canal crosses the central districts of Venice with many magnificent buildings that testify to the richness and beauty of the city. In its course, this truly grand waterway passes under four bridges that travel through vibrant Venetian markets. However, later passes through well-preserved gardens, and gorgeous canal-side restaurants, museums, churches, and other iconic structures. While the Grand Canal helps travelers connect to Venice’s main attractions, it is actually an attraction in itself.

In short, being the vein of Venice, this crowded canal is never inactive. From the boats that escort people in the strangest hours to the gondola bed taking travelers out for a city tour. Moreover, the Grand Canal is the only way to get around this floating city. Undoubtedly, if you choose to glide on the Grand Canal near sunset, you’ll have a soulful sight to see. With the cotton candy sky in the background, you will see the soft yellow hues of the sun create a magical “golden glow”. However, tt spreads throughout the city, which is nothing but heaven. However supporting this beauty is the extraordinary reflection of the magnificent structures surrounding the emerald water you are sailing on.

So why wait? Navigate the Grand Canal of Venice and prepare to have a look into the amazing history. Free from the hassle and noise of vehicular traffic, and simply enjoy the sounds of the soothing water. You are unlikely to forget this exhilarating experience for a long time.

2 St. Mark's Square

It is not only the largest square, but also the most important Venice which is home to some significant landmarks. From the stunning Basilica of San Marco to the freestanding bell tower of San Marco to the National Archaeological Museum. The square entertains visitors with its architectural wonders and its rich history. Here we take a look at the gems the square is proud of.

The architectural wonders

The most eye-catching building in St. Mark’s Square is the Basilica of international fame for its Venetian architectural style. Another must-see attraction is the soaring 30-meter high bell tower of San Marco. It is with beautiful lion faces and Venice’s version of Lady Justice at the top. It has a vast assortment of Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian artifact to ordinary panoply of pottery and glassware. The museum has beautifully preserves the grandeur of Venice’s centuries-old heritage.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere

Piazza San Marco is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the elegant cafes. Also, if you are lucky you can be an audience for outdoor concerts right in the centre of the largest square in Venice.

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3 Burano

It is one of Venice’s most beautiful Islands. Visitors can enjoy these picturesque places without facing the typical crowds that the center of Venice attracts.

The motifs of the colorful houses

The colorful houses of Burano were said to appear to the fishermen of the region. You will see here the bright pinks and blues were best seen through the common thick fog in the early mornings. It makes easier for local fishermen to locate the suburb from the outer ocean. Others say it had to separate the houses stacked next to each other, each with its own unique color.

Museum and school of lace

The museum and the lace school were established to preserve the region’s long tradition of this craft. The small museum provides useful information on the history of lace here and the traditional styles of how it is made. Teach people the skills of lace, resulting in some of the most expensive lace in the country.

Calle Galuppi

It is the reference point to visit, being the main street of the island. It is full of charm, lined with brightly colored shops selling beautiful lace, fresh bread, and bouquets of unique goodies. If you’re looking for some quick food, head to the bakeries that sell traditional sweets and snacks. It is the best place to enjoy perfect food to munch on while discovering the other attractions. Many locals use this strip as a meeting place, so you can even blend into the background, watching the locals do their business.

4 The Basilica of Santa Maria

It is a magnificent basilica near the entrance to the Grand Canal with beautiful white stones, tall domes and splendid art.

History Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

In October 1630 Venice was suffering from the famous plague, with almost 150,000 citizens already. Due to the immense difficulties the city was facing, the Venetian Senate made an offering to God to stop the plague.

The design of the Basilica of Santa Maria

There was a national competition for the design of the church. Baldassare Longhena the winner, he proposed a combination of elements of Venetian Byzantine architecture with domes similar to St. Peter’s in Rome. Due to immense details, the Basilica took half a century to complete, finishing in 1682. The interior of the basilica is as surprising as the external section. The interior has amazing light and the pale tinted glass that covers the high dome. The design draws attention to the richly Baroque high altar. Travel agency in Venice


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5 St. Mark's Basilica

The intricately design of basilica has countless admirers from around the world and is one of the most visited places in Venice. The cathedral is also the most propular place to carry out civil or religious ceremonies. Here we take a look at the grandeur of St. Mark’s Basilica and why this landmark is a must visit. This colossal church is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cathedrals in the world overlooking Piazza San Marco. The 500 columns ranging from the 6th to 11th centuries show the Byzantine architectural structure that still impresses travelers. The cathedral with its architectural is one of the most inspiring monuments for international historians and architects.

Marvel at the rich interior

The Basilica is famous for its mosaics which look different at various times of the day due to the light. The interior of the main attraction also clearly depicts the history of Christian salvation. The spectacular mosaics decorate the main portal of the church and the interior of the five domes of the cathedral impeccably.

Due to these glittering golden mosaics and sculptures from the 11th to the 13th centuries, travelers make sure to stop at the Basilica when in Venice. There are things which strike the visitor most is beautifully embellished with hundreds of pearls, emeralds and sapphires. In addition, the Basilica of San Marco is also home to four splendid bronze horses. People say to have been stolen from Egypt. For all these reasons, the Basilica of San Marco is one of the best testimonies of the wealth and power of Venice. Travel agency in Venice

6 The Rialto Bridge

It is famous as the Rialto Bridge or the “Lovers Bridge”. This elegant masterpiece connects the districts of San Polo and San Marco and is one of the most significant attractions of the city. It’s construction as a pontoon bridge in the 12th century. In fact, the 500-year-old bridge is named after Rialto district, as the first commercial and financial center of this thriving city.

However, The Rialto Bridge was once the only place to cross the Grand Canal on foot. It was purposely built with a 7.5 meter span and 12,000 piles of wood. Did you know that the chief architect of the bridge, Antonio da Ponte competed against the Italian designers such as Michelangelo and Palladio for the contract.

In short, today, the Rialto Bridge is not only central to Venice’s history. It has so many shops and vendors on both sides. Here it’s easy enough to forget you’re crossing the Grand Canal. In addition to the luxurious souvenir shops the bridge also showcases trendy restaurants on the north and south side. It is quite crowded on both sides of the steps. It is advisable that you take some photos of this unforgettable scene at sunset, when the place becomes even more beautiful and romantic. Travel agency in Venice and Italy is only Tours27.


7 The Carnival of Venice, the most famous in the world!

It Present itself in the top ten attractions of all guides in the world. We are about to tell you about the prince of events in Venice: the Venetian Carnival. However, we are sure that you already have a general smattering of it but are you sure to know its true philosophy? Here we would like to introduce you to the idea of Carnival for a Venetian. The shows at the historic center are just superb, beautiful and spectacular. But we want to tell you: the real party is in the streets, in the field, in the taverns and in the palaces. Almost everywhere you will find concerts and parties, although in recent years, activities have been concentrated in the area of the arsenal.

Dress up, mix with the crowd, taste fritole and galani and arm yourself with confetti. We start guiding you to the Carnival starting from here! What to see in Venice during the Carnival?

Venice Carnival: program and dates

Let’s start from the basics: when does it start and what are the most important dates of the biggest party on the island? The dates of the Carnival change every year as they follow the liturgical calendar: starting from about forty days before Easter you will already see some masks turning, the streets covered with confetti and the pastry shops displaying pancakes. But the 15 days before Ash Wednesday are those in which the real party is unleashed. For 2021, the festival will run from January 30th to February 16th.

The events of the Venice Carnival

Here are the events of the Venice Carnival scheduled for 2021 even if they have not, however, been confirmed by the Municipality of Venice:

1 Sunday 31 January: Firstly, Venetian water festival in Rio de Cannaregio at 10.30 and again at 13.00, parade of rowing associations, water shows and food and wine stands;

2 Saturday 6 February: Secondly, Procession and Festa delle Marie, departure from San Pietro di Castello at 2.30 pm and arrival in Piazza San Marco at 4.00 pm;

3 Sunday 7 February: Thirdly, flight of the angel from the bell tower of San Marco from 11.00;

4 Sunday 14 February: Fourthly, flight of the eagle in Piazza San Marco at 12.00;

5 Tuesday 16 February March: Fifthly, Award ceremony of the Maria of the Carnival 2020 from 16:00 to 16:30 in Piazza San Marco followed by the flight of the Leon at 17.00.

6 From 11 Finally, February the most beautiful costumes parade every day on the stage set up in Piazza San Marco until the grand finale of the competition on 16.

The Carnival of Burano instead will take place between 11 and 13 February from 15.

So keep an eye on the calendar and think about extending your holiday weekend if you don’t want to miss the major events: although more and more shows and parties are organized on Friday and Saturday evenings, Shrove Thursday and Shrove Tuesday remain the days not to be missed! The Venice Carnival program is getting very busy. The official website of the Carnival provides you with all the information you need to know and is updated in real time!


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Others events

Also keep an eye on the programming of the Carnival Street show: jugglers, trampolists, theater, music. Some other street artists will animate the center of Carnival on the two weekends for a series. The climax is the flight of the donkey on February 14 in the Ferretto pizza.