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Things to explore in Sicily

1 The islands of the island – Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands

Sicily is an island embellished with many other islands. The best known archipelagos and easily reachable from Trapani are respectively the Egadi Islands and the Aeolian Islands. The Egadi Islands are archipelago of 3 islands one more beautiful. It is here that you can splash around in the crystal clear waters of Lido Burrone. You may love also to swim in the coves and caves of Marettimo. The beaches are beautiful and the cuisine unique, especially if you love seafood, fish and capers. Erupting volcanoes, elegant corners and wild views. It would be worth dedicating at least 5 days of sailing to get to know them all. Finally, how can we forget the Pelage and Lampedusa Islands? It is halfway between Italy and Africa with a spectacular sea and many activities to do, despite their small size.

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2 Agrigento and its province

Agrigento is famous for the beautiful Valley of the Temples. Personally, I believe it is one of the most beautiful archaeological areas in the world, second only to the Acropolis of Athens. Here is the largest and most intact temple on the entire island: the Temple of Concord. In the Valley of the Temples you can walk among intact Greek temples surrounded with olive and almond trees. The Almond Blossom Festival is comes here every year in March. The entrance ticket cost to the Valley is around € 10 per adult.

But Agrigento has much more to offer, the historic center is probably one of the most decadent of the Sicilian cities. The air you breathe is particularly slow, as in an aura of ancient melancholy. Small streets and yellow stone walls, inner courtyards and strolls in a silent city. Among the areas of the province that cannot be missed La Scala dei Turchi, Favara and Punta Bianca.

3 Cefalù

There are those who define it as the Taormina of the west, perhaps it is not quite so but it is certainly worth a visit. The monument that makes the city famous is the beautiful Norman cathedral with a design that recalls the French. Beyond the cathedral, here we must not miss the ancient Sicilian temple built on the rock overlooking the city. The town is typically medieval, with small and narrow streets where you can also do some shopping. One can visit it in one day from Palermo but it is worth staying overnight to discover it when the lights go down.

4 Trapani and Erice

Trapani and its province are wonderful. The old part extends along a point with the sea. The destinations one should visit in Trapani are the special Erice and the Egadi Islands. There is the International Studies Center named after Ettore Majorana. Trapani physicist Antonino Zichichi founded it which attracts the most qualified scholars in the world. It is built on a mountain and in this town you can find Phoenician, Norman and Roman influences. These were built entirely of stone and walking here is really impressive, medieval stone streets, a castle. The ideal would be to come here on Good Friday to attend the procession that contributes to making it even more suggestive city.

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5 Catania and Etna

Catania is a very interesting city to which I advise you to dedicate at least a full day. What to see in Catania in one or two days? The city is perfect as a base for a few days to visit Etna. The largest active volcano in Europe is Acierale and Acicastello. The Etna villages in particular you can visit during the October. If you love trekking, I recommend that you get to an altitude of 3000 on Etna. You can rely on the excellent guides of Wild Etna. If you prefer more comfortable and less demanding access routes, you can reach the crater with 4 × 4 and cable car. This tour includes all the necessary costs (car, cable car and mandatory mountain guide).

Even if you go in the summer and it is very hot, bring a jacket because when you go up it is cold. A little further north of Etna you can also visit the Nebrodi Mountain, which perfectly represent a Mediterranean panorama. The view from here is the same that the Phoenicians and the Greeks saw when they landed in Sicily. The ideal way is to take part in a tour that starts either from Catania or Taormina.

6 Palermo and Monreale

Palermo is the capital of Sicily and the largest city on the island. However, the city is chaotic but has its Arab and southern city charm like perhaps no other in Sicily. Moreover, you can perhaps find it chaotic and confusing. In short, one should see the Baroque and Arab arts that blend with medieval art and architecture. In addition, Palermo is famous for its markets and excellent street food. Although the most famous markets of Guttuso, the Vucciria no longer really exists. In conclusion, the Mercato del Capo and Ballarò are places out of time that are worth visiting.

One should visit the Norman Palace with its Byzantine Palatine chapel (a small Monreale), monasteries and castles, and the beautiful cathedral. In addition, Palermo can be a perfect base for trips to Cefalù, Monreale, Segesta, Erice. It can be a day trip from Palermo that you must visit. The most important monument of Monreale is the Cathedral, famous all over the world for its architecture. Finally, while you walking, don’t forget to admire the view from the terrace of Piazza Dietro l’Angolo.


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7 Segesta and Sciacca

Agrigento has the Valley of the Temples but Segesta offers perhaps the best maintained Doric temple in all of Sicily, indeed in the world of Magna Graecia in general. Segesta can be visited in less than a day, I recommend associating it with a visit to Sciacca which is just 40km away. Segesta is the largest archaeological park in Europe, on the acropolis there are some temples along with other secondary buildings. Some temples are located on a near to the hill that one can see on foot with a pleasant walk. Many buildings are ruined following earthquakes that occurred in medieval times, but some anastylosis interventions have made it possible to almost completely rebuild Temple E, the so-called Temple of Hera, and to raise a large part of one of the long sides of Temple C.

Not far from Selinunte, just 40km, there is another Sicilian pearl, too often forgotten due to its position between the two main airports: Sciacca. The city is famous for its carnival and the thermal baths, the natural stoves of San Calogero on Mount Cronio that date back to the Neolithic. In addition to the event that smacks of the ancient return of the fishing boats every day at 14:00.

8 Syracuse and Vendicari

Archimedes, Plato and San Paolo loved Syracuse which was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece and the most important in Greek-Roman Sicily. The archaeological park is huge while the ancient city, Ortigia, keeps some fascinating treasures. The Cathedral of the city is surrounded by columns of ancient temples, a phenomenon typical of the centuries of Christianity. A beautiful city where there is also a Greek theater where Greek tragedies are still organized every two years just as they used to do in ancient Greece. From Syracuse you can organize trips to Ragusa, Noto, Ispica (where you can visit the quarries) and Modica, famous for its chocolate made according to the ancient Aztec tradition.


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9 Taormina

It is the Pearl of the Mediterranean, a town on a mountain overlooking the sea, with a view of Calabria on one side and Mount Etna. Taormina is a town known for its beautiful Greek-Roman theater and the mix of Greek, Roman and Arabic art that make it unique. Walking you can pass from the Naumachie to the municipal villa, the small Odeon and the numerous churches. Born as a gay destination over the years it was chosen by great actors and artists from all over the world to spend their holidays and still today it seems to maintain this primacy among the destinations throughout Italy. From Taormina you can visit the nearby Castelmola, a beautiful village just above Taormina and the Alcantara Gorges.

10 Ragusa and its province

Perhaps one of the most attractive cities in the region, Ragusa and its Ragusa Ibla, which has come back into vogue and become a tourist destination, with Scili benefiting in particular, thanks to the television series by Inspector Montalbano, is a city that does not leave indifferent. Destroyed by the earthquake of 1693, it was rebuilt on the foundations of the ancient city, today it is a wonderful Sicilian Baroque jewel among the most remarkable on the island. The city is located on a hill about 400 meters above sea level in the eastern area of the city. It stands as the beautiful Ragusa Ibla on the Val di Noto, a concentrate of Baroque art that today is a World Heritage Site. From Ragusa it is possible to organize day trips to some other beautiful places.


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