About Sicily

Information about Sicily Island, Sicily on an Italian branch and reaching North Africa is the largest island in the Mediterranean. This triangular-shaped island is famous for its fiery volcano, Etna. It is a land of extremes, with incredible beaches, sprawling towns and ancient hill towns. In addition, Sicily also has more spectacular monuments than you might imagine and a fun-loving population. Moreover this is popular for its local tasty food. Tourism in recent times has taken off in a big way and a lot of development has led to the creation of more hotels, shops, restaurants. There are many tourist information offices, especially around the capital Palermo. Other tourist outlets are found in Agrigento, Cefal├╣, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani and Catania.


Facts about Sicily

In the upper part of the Etna Regional Park is the main attraction of Sicily, Etna. This active volcano has been spewing lava for centuries and offers the best views of the largest island in the Mediterranean. In addition, the beaches here are another big attraction for Sicily. Moreover, some favorites include Giardini Naxos, Marina di Ragusa, as well as countless attractive beaches dotted along the Tyrrhenian coast.

Most tourists will pay a visit or choose to settle in Palermo, as the tourist attractions here are plentiful and fast. Many places of historical interest reside in the Old Palermo and in the Quattro Canti. A little unusual is the attraction of the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo in Piazza Cappuccini. Where the ancient inhabitants have been mummified and preserved for centuries. The medieval town of Erice is another major tourist destination in Sicily with ancient fortifications and winding streets. On the northern coast is the fishing village of Cefal├╣. While on the Tyrrhenian coast is the huge Madonie Regional Park where hiking trails abound.

Useful Information about Sicily Island

If you are looking for specific archaeological sites and ancient monuments in Sicily, there are certainly some places that stand out. Firstly, on the list should be a visit to the Syracuse Archaeological Park, which is located on the southeast side of the island. It is the home to both Greek and Roman amphitheaters. Iit is the famous World Heritage Site of the Roman Imperial Villa. You shouldn’t miss an afternoon discovering the ancient Valley of the Temples in southern Sicily near the city of Agrigento. In Palermo, the Cathedral of Monreale, the Palazzo Mirto and the Palazzo dei Normanni stand out.

Palermo is home to some of the island, famous museums and the most important is the Regional Archaeological Museum. It contains artifacts and information relating to the Phoenician, Roman and Saracen eras. Also in Palermo are the Regional Gallery of Sicily (Regional Gallery of Sicily) and the Modern Art Gallery (Gallery of Modern Art), both full of important Sicilian masterpieces. In Syracuse there is the Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum (Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum), where many precious Greek and Roman treasures are exhibited in large exhibition rooms.