About Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Italy and a magnificent place for diving. This attractive island is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and has incredible beaches and resorts. Moreover, it also has noble interiors and its capital is ancient and fascinating. Sardinia is much more relaxed than some of the more daring Mediterranean islands and also retains a unique culture and heritage. In addition, this is an enviable climate, a unique and tasty cuisine and friendly people. For the most up-to-date tourist information, go to the tourist information center in Piazza Matteotti. ¬†Sardinian cities and towns are ¬†Alghero, Bosa, Cala Gonone, Iglesias, La Maddalena, Nuoro. , Palau, Pro Loco, Olbia, and Sassari. In short, other tourist trips and places of interest reside in the adjacent islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro.


Facts about Sardinia

In addition, most of the tourists travel to this amazing Island to see Sardinia’s beautiful beaches. Which are at their best along the Costa Smeralda (northeast), as well as around the resorts of Alghero and Cagliari. However, the beach of Cagliari has number of attractions, such as the cobbled paths that lead to the medieval quarter of Castello. Surprisingly, the character of this historic fortress city is enhanced with its ancient walls, cathedral and grand palaces, as well as its coastal setting. The city of Olbia is also worth a visit in Sardinia, while for something completely different. The city of Nuoro enjoys mountain views in the center of the island.

Sardinia has a long and interesting history. The traces of past settlements can be found in various ancient archaeological sites around the island. There are ruins dated back to around 4,000 Ad, which include excavated tombs. Other important places in Sardinia are the early 12th century Castello di Serravalle, the Ruins of Barumini near Cabras and Bastione Saint Remy. In the municipality of Bosa there is the imposing Castello di Serravalle. While next to Nuoro is Monte Ortobene, the highest mountain on the island, where hiking trails abound.

Historic information

Much of the island’s culture is around Cagliari, where several valid and reliable museums reside. In addition, Sardinia has the National Archaeological Museum in Piazza Arsenale. It mainly represents the Bronze Age statues within this complex (the Citadel of Museums). Moreover, one can also explore the Anatomical Wax Exhibition, the Siamese Art Museum and the Pinacoteca Nacional (National Picture Gallery).

Depending on where you are on the island, you can take different day trips to more remote attractions. Tourists can plan a trip to the Grotta di Nettuno, a natural complex of caves connected with regular boat from Alghero. The historic center of Fonni is famous for its mountainous background. The ancient village of hinterland of Tiscali is famous for its past the nuragic settlement. The city of Tharros is where you can expect Roman ruins and views of the Gulf of Oristano. Taking a short boat ride away are the Maddalena archipelago and the French island of Corsica, which are well worth a visit.