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Travel agency in Sardinia, Tours27 was born with 10 years experience as tourism professional team in organizing tour package and tourism services in Italy and all over the world. To tell our essence we have highlighted four points that can sum up our passion for travel. Moreover, we organize paths that can be cultural experiences and programs that are rarely offered. Our team personally sees each destination, with a continuous search for new proposals. In addition, our team is expert in cultural events or anniversaries and with a meticulous control of all services. In short, we take care of every single detail in order to always give our best: from the drafting of the program to its execution, providing useful information and suggestions in order to optimize visit times. Tourism expert team assists our customer throughout the trip, with a telephone service and / or physically 24 hours a day.

Our passion and vision

Our passion for travel was born from childhood thanks to a childhood spent in travelling. Travelling always allow us to get to know different cultures of near and far countries. The formula we propose is the result of a long activity in the tourism sector, from business travel to incentives tourism.  Our motive is also to give space to our customer to understand the destination. We are also specializing in horse riding holidays for school children and adults. However, for those who want to approach horse riding or for those who are already experts. In addition, for couples we organize wedding abroad from A to Z or from the handling of paperwork to the wedding ceremony. Please leave us your travel idea and trust our team of experts.

In addition, we are expert to guide you in the best possible way in choosing the best destination. However, the adventure with that baggage of emotions, sensations and memories that only a journey can give you.


1 Firstly, Cruise Booking

2 Secondly, National, international and low cost flights

3 Thirdly, Honeymoons and online wedding list

4 Fourthly, Tourist visas

5 Issue and sale of supplementary travel insurance policies

6 Stays in wellness centres, charming residences and castles

7 Car, Camper and Caravan, Bus rental

8 Organisation of corporate travel

9 Finally, Tailor-made tour packages

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Things to explore in Sardinia

Sardinia is a small paradise which is in the heart of the Mediterranean seas. Its coasts with white beaches are the emblem. There are numerous places and infinite facts that are worth discovering. “The 15 places to visit in Sardinia” are a useful reminder of the places that one should visit during a holiday. All are ideal for a stay as a couple or for a family holiday in Sardinia. Sardinia is an ideal vacation spot for its beaches and for its great historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage. One can visit the island from North to South with car in 5 hours. The ideal is therefore to focus on visiting the localities and not miss at least one of the following places. For best tour package you can contact us via e-mail or call.

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1 Giara and Barumini

La Giara is in central-southern Sardinia which has a very rare species of wild horses called the “Cavallini della Giara”. The area is of considerable importance as it is home to archaeological monuments such as the famous Nuraghe of Barumini. It is also a World Heritage Site from 1997. The nuraghi are defensive towers that are found throughout island.  The characteristic for their truncated cone shape and made with large dry boulders.

2) The Archipelago of Maddalena

There are mainly 7 major islands, the Maddalena archipelago is another UNESCO World Heritage Site (1994) of Sardinia. Its water is very clear which welcome snorkelers in search of pristine depths in the Sea. You can make half-day or full-day excursions with boat. This allows you to visit small beaches and coves that can only be reached by sea, with unspoiled nature and breathtaking beauty. These tours usually include a visit to the Island of Spargi; of Budelli. However, you will definitely admire the famous pink beach; of S.Maria; of Caprera and finally of the Maddalena.

Alternatively, the best way you visit it to rent a car on the island for an adventurous and independent tour on the local beaches. Here Lovers of pure and pristine sea can choose the 5-star Grand Hotel Ma & Ma. It is in the south west coast of the island, just 350 meters from the sea. For a more intimate and private stay, La Casitta is the ideal choice. It offers a familiar and attentive service and is one of the few villas on the small island of Santa Maria.

3 Chia beach

It is Dominate with the homonymous tower, visible from all its beaches. This is popular for the clarity of its waters, which bathe the coast of Chia for about 6 km. In this area you can visit the archaeological area of Nora, Punic origins, considered the oldest city in Sardinia. However, its area extends as far as Capo Spartivento, the second southernmost strip of land of the island. In addition, the spectacular Capo lighthouse is located here, a still functioning lighthouse used as a luxury guesthouse.

4 Gulf of Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei, in central-eastern Sardinia is one of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia. It is famous for the Bue Marino Caves, made of stalactites and stalagmites that are reflected in the water giving light effects. Moreover, the Gulf includes countries known for their gastronomic products, handicrafts and for the presence of archaeological areas including. The karst area called Supramonte, the forests of Suttaterra and Ghivine. In conclusion, you can also explore the deepest canyon on the island and one of the deepest in Europe and finally a spectacular seascape.

5 Alghero

Located on the north-west coast, it still shows traces of its Catalan past. It has in fact retained its use in the Alghero variant in a minimal percentage. The town boasts an impressive Gothic-style historic centre that includes the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Palazzo Guillot.  In addition, the 14th century Church of San Francesco, the Coral Museum and a long natural inlet overlooking the emerald sea.

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6 Bosa

Located on the north-west coast, it has the romantic charm of river towns and a rich heritage of traditions still alive today. The historic district of the city is impressive, made up of colorful houses that climb the sides of the hill. It is dominated by the Malaspina castle, named after the Tuscan family who built it in the 12th century. The Castle can be seen from the historic Ponte Vecchio in Bosa as well. However, this is considered one of the 30 most beautiful bridges in Italy.

7) The caves of Neptune

The most important caves in Sardinia are located in Alghero and are dedicated to the God Neptune. However, they extend for about 6km and have been excavated over millions of years from fresh water. One can reach there with ferry or via a flight of about 600 steps, which offers spectacular views of the sea and the coast.

8 The Murals of Orgosolo and the Museum of Mamoiada

These are two traditional places in Sardinia that are located in the heart of the island, in Barbagia, in the province of Nuoro. Moreover Orgosolo is known for its murals (about 150), while Mamoiada for its typical carnival masks. In addition, you can discover them all, along with many others, in the town’s Museum of Mediterranean Masks.

9) Carloforte

It has about 6,400 inhabitants and is the only town on the island of San Pietro, on the south-western coast of Sardinia. Amazingly, it is a quiet, very pleasant place with small, pretty beaches and charming narrow streets. A dialect of its own that is a variant of the Ligurian, evidence of its history, unique in Sardinia


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10 Cagliari between historic seside districts

The ancient district of Castello dominates the city, a fortified medieval hilltop district located above the rest of the city. Firstly and importantly, it is the historic districts of Stampace (district of bourgeois and merchants), the Marina (district of fishermen and sailors) and Villanova (district of shepherds and farmers). Secondly, the Bastion of San Remy is one of the symbols of the city. Thirdly, it is in the Castello district. From the terrace of the Bastion you can admire the splendid city and the amazing seaport.

Finally, among the attractions: the Cathedral of Cagliari of the thirteenth century, the National Archaeological Museum which exhibits artifacts from the Nuragic age to the Byzantine era, Roman ceramics and the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria. However, the archaeological site worthy of note is the Roman Amphitheater and finally a stop at Poetto is a must. In conclusion, the city’s beach that stretches for about 8 kilometers and has the panoramic view of La Sella del Diavolo.

11 Castelsardo

This town is a fascinating medieval village included in the list of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. Surprisingly, from the top of the Doria Castle, which dominates the city, you will admire the splendid panorama of the Gulf of Asinara which the castle overlooks.

12 Villasimius

Among the most popular municipalities of Southern Sardinia thanks to its popular tourist resorts with crystal clear waters, coves and long beach with pearly white sand, the whole landscape is immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. In addition, it is multiplies its population in the summer season. Among the most beautiful beaches: Porto sa Ruxi, Campus and Campulongu, La Spiaggia del Riso (so named for the “grains” that characterize it), Cala Caterina, the enchanting Porto Giunco, the wonderful Punta Molentis and the pink flamingos inhabitants of the skies that overlook the expanse of clear blue sea of the miraculous pearl of South Sardinia.

13 Tavolara Island – Capo Coda Cavallo

However, Capo Coda Cavallo, in north-eastern Sardinia – Gallura, is a strip of granite land that extends over a stretch of sea sheltered with the imposing island of Tavolara, the rocks of Molara and the islet of Proratora. It is an area of 15,000 hectares of sea protected for their naturalistic value and for the conservation level of the ichthyofauna, conservation which took place thanks to the difficulties of landing. The protected marine natural area of Punta Coda Cavallo is made up of many inlets with cliffs and sandy beaches immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that gives off intense scents, such as the beach of La Cinta, which stretches for about 5 kilometers with very white sand. The marine area of is ideal for diving and snorkeling.


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14 Sinis Peninsula- Tharros

The ancient settlement of Tharros rises at the southern end of the Sinis peninsula. Founded by the Phoenicians in the eighth century BC near a pre-existing Nuragic village of the Bronze Age, it underwent Carthaginian and Roman domination, and finally fell under the dominion of the Vandals and the Byzantines. The gradual decline led to the abandonment of the site around the year 1050 AD. The area is like an open-air museum facing the sea: ancient streets, houses, shops from the Roman era, the temple and the necropolis are among the ruins that the Sinis Peninsula offers. In the vicinity of this area it is also possible to visit the small early Christian church of San Giovanni.

15 Costa Verde – Marina di Arbus

In the South-West of Sardinia, between mountains and shrubs forged by the wind, in the wildest and most isolated Sardinia, the Costa Verde develops imposingly for a coastal extension of about 47 kilometers. A succession of pristine beaches, Piscinas with the highest sand dunes in Europe, cliffs that burst onto a sea of green waters, open and deep loved by the most reckless surfers. One should not miss the sunsets along this coast, where the eye is lost in the sky that is tinged with pink. Not just the sea in the Marina di Arbus: the mining archeology sites of Montevecchio, Buggerru, Ingurtosu and Porto Flavia in Masua, the stacks of Pan di Zucchero and the defensive tower of Torre dei Corsari are worth a visit. In the town of Arbus there is the Knife Museum which has the heaviest switchblade in the world.

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