About Verona

Verona is the setting for Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. It is popular as the “Little Rome of Italy” ¬†due to its rich history. Old Verona is quite small in size and full of interesting buildings and squares, long city walls and relatively easy to get around. The main Historical places are Piazza Bra and surrounding palaces with its beautiful garden like Giardino Giusti. The main tourist exit from Veronese is along the degli Alpini, while more tourist information is available at the branch in Piazza dell’Arena, at the train station and at the International Airport.

While it is true that many of Verona’s attractions are talking about Romeo and Juliet, such as Romeo’s House and the royal balcony Juliet’s House. Many others are on a completely different theme entirely. These include the Verona Cathedral itself and the Castelvecchio fortress, along with a number of churches, such as the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore and San Giorgio in Braida.


Some Facts about Verona

It is a rich and beautiful city. Tourists will find status is largely in its extravagant monuments and public squares. The historic Piazza Erbe is one of those squares and today serves as a bustling market, with a 14th-century fountain. Very hard to miss is the Torre di Lamberti, a tall tower that presides over the center of the city. While for something a little older, the Verona Arena is a restored Roman amphitheater and a sight to behold.

A city of rather ancient origins, the museums of Verona are rich in information on local archaeological remains and on past times. The Archaeological Museum is one for history buffs, although Shakespeare fans may prefer to visit the site of Juliet’s “tomb”. It is inside the Fresco Museum. The main galleries in Verona include the Canonic Art Gallery Museum and also the Castelvecchio Civic Art Museum.

Veneto offers many opportunities for those willing to travel a bit. One such attraction that Verona tourists are highly popular is Lake Garda. This picture-perfect lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and overflows with interest. Near Verona there is also Vicenza, the medieval city of Mantua and Valpolicella, a World Heritage Site.