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Things to explore in and around Turin

There are many beautiful cities in Italy, among them Turin certainly deserves a special place for its artistic and architectural beauties and for the very important and centuries-old history that reigns in its large squares, in the streets of the center, in its churches and its numerous museums. Turin is a city of a thousand facets: ancient capital of the Savoy kingdom with a regal appearance, cradle of the Risorgimento and theater of great historical events for Italy, an industrial city that has then been able to reinvent itself, a pole of innovation and a city of artistic and cultural experimentation. If you are visiting Turin for the first time and want to grasp a bit of the soul of the Piedmontese capital, we recommend the 15 things to see absolutely. Between art, history, culture and gastronomy, here is our journey through the treasures of the Savoy city.

The Mole Antonelliana and the Cinema Museum

The beautiful building designed by Antonelli is undoubtedly the symbol of Turin par excellence. La Mole, which stands out in the panorama of the Savoy city, also houses the National Cinema Museum, one of the most visited in Turin and the only example of a museum dedicated to the art week in Italy.

The Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities of Turin, which is located in the seventeenth-century building of Palazzo dell’Accademia delle Scienze, is the most important Egyptian museum in the world after the one in Cairo. On display there are about 6,500 artifacts including statues, sarcophagi and funerary objects, mummies, papyrus, amulets, jewels. It is an immense treasure to be seen to discover the history and mysteries of this ancient civilization.

The Chapel of the Shroud

Reopened in September 2018 after the long restoration, the Turin Shroud Chapel is certainly one of the things to see absolutely in the Piedmontese capital. The Baroque masterpiece by Guarino Guarini, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, is a jewel to be seen with its precious black marble veined with gray, the stupendous arches and pillars, the play of light, the statues, the dense weave of alluded signs , the bronze capitals with the symbols of the Passion.

The Valentino and the Medieval Village

During a visit to the Piedmontese capital, one cannot fail to take a walk in the Valentino Park, the green lung of the city. Inside the park you will find numerous statues, fountains (such as the splendid Fountain of the 12 months), gardens and then obviously the medieval village of Valentino, a beautiful nineteenth-century reproduction of a small fifteenth-century village.

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Royal Museums

The Royal Museums are one of the most important attractions of the capital. A path unfolds over an area of over 3,000 meters, indeed a real dive into the history of Turin, Italy and the world. Inside they house: the Royal Armory, the Royal Library, the Royal Palace, the Sabauda Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Royal Gardens and the Chiablese Room.

The Church of the Consolata

The Sanctuary of the Consolata, also known as the Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, is certainly one of the religious buildings to see in the capital. The church was then enlarged and modified over the centuries until the eighteenth century, when Filippo Juvarra made numerous changes to adapt it to the Baroque style of the time.

The Historic Cafes

If you are in Turin for a few days you cannot miss a stop in one of the historic cafes of the city, the ancient nineteenth-century places where you can savor the typical delights of the Piedmontese capital. Inside, you can enjoy some of Turin’s specialties, among antique mirrors, boiserie, satin tapestries, elegant candlesticks and porcelain plates and take a little journey through time.

Piazza San Carlo

Turin is famous for its many beautiful squares overlooked by monuments, attractions and period buildings. One of the most beautiful is certainly Piazza San Carlo, not at home nicknamed “the living room of Turin”. There are still numerous places of interest in the city center. There is an equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto and two twin churches in Baroque style as well.

The Basilica of Superga

The majestic basilica, the work of the famous Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra, stands on the top of a hill, from which it takes its name, and its particular beauty catches the attention of anyone who crosses the eye. It is impossible to come to Turin and not go to see this masterpiece and admire the splendid late Baroque style Juvarra dome.

Piazza Castello

This Piazza is the second largest gathering point in Turin. Surrounded on three of its four sides by the famous and characteristic Turin arcades, some of the most important attractions of the capital overlook the square: Palazzo Reale. It is in the center of the square. The Theatre Regio is the most important opera houses in Italy. Italy, Palazzo Madama, which was the seat of the Subalpine Senate, the Royal Church of San Lorenzo, where the Holy Shroud just arrived in Turin was hosted for a period. In short, It has a concentration of history and unique beauty.

The Turin Cathedral

Among the various religious buildings of the Savoy city, the Cathedral is one of those to visit absolutely. It is, in fact, the only Renaissance-style church in the Piedmontese capital. During the 1600s, the Cathedral was enlarged to allow the Holy Shroud to be preserved in the best possible way. The chapel, with a circular internal plan, commissioned to Guarini by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia to preserve the sacred sheet where it is still found today is of considerable value.

Madama Palace

Located in Piazza Castello, in the heart of Turin, Palazzo Madama boasts a centuries-old and glorious history, and is one of the most representative buildings in Piedmont, if not all of Italy. The site is now popular as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the home Civic Museum of Ancient Art.

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Villa of the Queen

On the hill of Turin is this magnificent seventeenth-century villa which for centuries was the residence of many Savoy sovereigns. In short, the residence houses numerous paintings of artists such as Daniel Seiter and Giovanni Battista Crostat. However, here you may also see the splendid Chinese cabinets in lacquered and gilded wood. However, outside here, there is the Italian garden, in the shape of an amphitheater,

The Covered Galleries of Turin

The galleries of Turin are a must for those visiting the capital. The fascinating galleries, reminiscent of the typical “passages” of Paris, are precisely “passages” between the buildings. Covered with glass that let the sunlight through, illuminating the beautiful interiors. Amazingly, the galleries are an architectural curiosity that is part of the history of the capital. In addition, there are three galleries in Turin: the Subalpina Gallery, the Umberto I Gallery and the San Federico Gallery. Inside there are cafes and restaurants where you can stop for a sweet break or a typical Sinoira Turin snack.

Turin museums

In addition, to the large and best-known city museums, Turin hosts many other must-see museums. Among the many museums there are, for example: the GAM – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. It often hosts important exhibitions; the MAUTO – Automobile Museum with its precious and rare cars. Another one is the MAO – Museum of Oriental Art to discover distant and millenary civilizations. Moreover, the Camera of Italian Center for Photography hosts interesting photographic exhibitions and many others to be discovered.

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Where to eat in Turin

1 Bruschetteria Pautasso

Where to eat in Turin, of course… but above all, what? Well, my very first wish was to taste a bagna càuda as it should be. Because it was reason, on the first evening we went to there. The restaurant is somewhat in the “old Turin” style, the atmosphere is welcoming. Staff was very helpful and the menus offer traditional dishes and even some reinterpretations. It is possible to order à la carte but, for those who want to taste a bit of everything, the Tradition Menu is available. The restaurant has been in business since 1994, but in its previous version it was founded in the late 1800s. A sailor reinvented himself as a cook following the discovery of a trunk full of ancient recipes.

2 Bicchierdivino tavern

A nice place: from the breakfast counter to an ancient Piedmontese piola where you can enjoy a lunch. It is not too expensive but very good and typical-without-exaggerating. We were there just 5 minutes before the lunch break of the nearby offices. But if that were not the case … you should book because it fills up at an impressive speed.

3 Ancient Porto di Savona Restaurant

The Port of Savona is one of the oldest restaurants in Turin and is part of the circuit of Historic Places of Italy. Can you imagine a real, really real old-fashioned trattoria? With the tables all stuck together and the light pink tablecloths. You will feel happy to slightly greasy paper menu, the rickety wooden stairs that lead to the upper floor with the tiled bathrooms. However, the photographs with famous people, the prints of the advertisements of decades are just awesome. In addition, port of Savona is just true and authentic place, without a minimum of frills. You will enjoy here with simple dishes belonging to tradition and a couple of tasting menus to try.

Here I ate my first and (for now) only great Piedmontese fry: what goodness. And then the agnolotti with roast sauce, oh my … I was speechless! Here you will certainly find all the traditional dishes that are a little “outdated”, such as the finanziera. You also find a lot of Turinese DOC customers over 70.

4 Aldente

Honestly speaking, this little place did not inspire us much from the outside. The place inside is not bad: it looks like a tavern but with some details that make you smile. Here we have chosen to share a tasting menu and a couple of courses from the à la carte menu.  From panissa to agnolotti, from trio of raw fassona to veal with tuna sauce… all really good! And really fair prices.

5 Santa Polenta

This restaurant boasts a really nice and comfortable environment: a colorful and cheerful bistro, with mismatched chairs. Here you will see lots of flowers and shelves crammed with bottles of local wine. At this place you will certainly find the traditional Piedmontese flavors, but revisited in a more modern and creative way. As the name suggests, the specialty is definitely polenta served with different meats and different sauces.  Polenta is made with the special corn flour, with a truly shocking creaminess and flavor. But really, you have to try it if you happen to go. There are other very good dishes anyway the glass of vermouth with the popcorn just amazing. Spending an evening in a very pleasant place!

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Things to explore in Genoa

Why visit Genoa? Because it is an illustrious, simple city, full of interesting things to do and see. What to see in Genoa? Finding myself in this wonderful location, I would immediately visit the seaside village, which we would once have called the fishing village, which is called Boccadasse. It is in the Albaro district. It is a splendid bay where small characteristic boats are moored and where you can enjoy an excellent ice cream. The second thing to see in Genoa is undoubtedly take a look at the symbol of this city or the Lantern which served as a luminous reference for boats at night. It is 117 m high. This is the Museum of the Lantern containing a special Fresnel lens that reproduces (with its own rotating beam of light) the vision of the optics of a real lighthouse seen from an internal perspective.

You can visit the birthplace of Christopher Columbus (located near the remains of the cloister of the convent of Sant’Andrea) which is located near the Soprana gate, where there is the inscription Yes pacem portans licet has tibi tangere portas (if you bring peace, you can touch the door). Columbus moved there with his family at the age of four. Do not miss a stop at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo which houses the Sacro Catino, the relic of the Last Supper brought here by the crusaders and the dish in which Herod had the Baptist’s head laid.

Inside the church we can admire the relics and numerous Gothic works and paintings made between the end of the thirteenth century and the beginning of the fourteenth, not to be missed is the museum of the treasure of San Lorenzo.

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