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Things to explore in Umbria

It you are wondering what to explore in Umbria regain that means you dealing with a land of saints, castles, artists, churches ancient villages and cities. Umbria is a place capable of enchanting anyone who decides to visit it. Its territory is designed by splendid hills, vineyards and olive groves, woods and cultivated fields that make its landscape unmistakable. The culture and traditions of ancient times survive in folklore and village festivals. Here are some suggestions to appreciate every corner of this wonderful region, from the largest cities to the smallest and most picturesque villages.

1 Perugia (The capital of Umbria)

Perugia is the capital of Umbria. There are many things to see inside because it is the true cultural heart of the region. The Piazza della Fontana Maggiore, the Palazzo dei Priori, the cathedral of San Lorenzo are unmissable monuments, as well as the rich museums that tell the Etruscan and medieval past of the city. The walls of its historic center enclose noble palaces, churches and museums, and many picturesque corners to be discovered, together with the premises of one of its most typical traditions: that of chocolate. So what to see in Perugia, and which paths to follow among its streets and squares? Here is an overview of the main places of interest.

Piazza Italia

There is no shortage of places to visit in Perugia: the city can, in large part, be explored on foot, and a good starting point could be Piazza Italia, easily reachable by public transport for those arriving from the train station, and also close to the parking lots. main. Here overlooks the historic Rocca Paolina and Porta Marzia, which leads to the center.

Rocca Paolina

Among the things to see in Perugia as soon as you arrive in Piazza Italia, the Rocca Paolina is certainly the most important. The ancient fortification of the sixteenth century was built by Pope Paul III and until the unification of Italy represented the symbol of the power, including military, of the popes in the Umbrian land.

Porta Marzia

When the architect Antonio da Sangallo designed the Rocca Paolina for the Pope, he inserted, inside the ramparts, the ancient Porta Marzia, built by the Etruscans in the third century BC. Even today on its walls you can see the decorations in the Italo-Corinthian style that testify to the pre-Roman past of the city.

Perugina (The chocolate Factory)

There is no shortage of things to see in Corso Vannucci, among ancient palaces and museums, but it is worth stopping by the historic chocolate shops that overlook the street, and in the Perugina brand shop, to taste some of the most typical products of the local tradition.

Piazza IV Novembre

Along Corso Vannucci you arrive in the heart of the city center: Piazza IV Novembre, the symbolic place of Perugia. Places to visit here? Many, from the Palazzo dei Priori, home to the most important museums, to the Duomo. Piazza IV November is certainly the most characteristic and picturesque part of the city. And if you are lucky enough to visit Perugia in July you can attend the shows of Umbria Jazz, one of the most important Italian music festivals.

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2 Assisi

The beautiful village of Assisi is also one of the most important things to see in Umbria. Whether you want to retrace the places of San Francesco or simply look for a destination rich in art and masterpieces, Assisi, with its basilicas and treasures, will never be a disappointment.

3 The Baglionesca fortress of Bastia Umbra

Between Perugia and Assisi is Bastia Umbra, an ancient fortified city that is still characterized today by the presence of an important fortress, the Baglionesque one. The picturesque old town is no exception and the Church of Sant’Angelo and the Collegiate Church of Santa Croce are certainly worth a visit.

4 The artistic ceramics of Deruta

Not far from Perugia, Deruta is also definitely worth a visit. The center has been renowned since the Middle Ages for the production of valuable artistic ceramics. Therefore, in addition to the historic center, the Ceramics Museum and the ancient kilns of the 16th century near Porta San Michele are definitely worth a visit.

5 Torgiano and the Wine and Oil Museums

Very famous for its wines (Torgiano Doc and Torgiano Rosso Riserva) and its typical products, Torgiano is certainly one of the most interesting villages to visit near Perugia. In the medieval town, with the unmistakable profile of the Tower of Janus, the Wine Museum of Palazzo Graziani Baglioni and the Olive and Oil Museum are absolutely worth seeing.

6 In Spello for the Corpus Domini flower show

Between Assisi and Foligno is the charming town of Spello, a city of Roman origin still surrounded by its ancient walls and perfectly preserved portals. Spello is pleasant to visit all year round, but it is between May and June that it is colored for the Infiorata del Corpus Domini. The streets are transformed into an immense carpet of flowers, which are used to compose real works of art.

7 Foligno between ancient churches and the Giostra della Quintana

Foligno is certainly one of the places to visit in Umbria. A city with an illustrious past, it was dominated by the Papal State and today preserves very important medieval churches such as the cathedral of San Feliciano and the abbey of Sassovivo, but also historic buildings such as Palazzo Trinci and Palazzo Orfini. Those who love medieval re-enactments can also attend the famous Quintana, one of the most important knightly jousting in Italy.

8 Montefalco, home of Sagrantino

Near Foligno is Montefalco, known throughout Italy for its fine wine: Sagrantino. Montefalco is a true balcony over the Umbrian landscapes and its hills, but also a very interesting center, with the church-museum of San Francesco and the beautiful circular square, which houses the most beautiful historic buildings.

9 Bevagna, between picturesque squares and ancient crafts

Bevagna is another picturesque center of Umbria, not far from Foligno. Its most beautiful corner is Piazza Silvestri, where there are the Palazzo dei Consoli, built in the thirteenth century, the church of San Michele and that of Santi Domenico and Giacomo. Also worth seeing is the Mercato delle Gaite, with the revival of ancient crafts.

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10 Among the olive trees and the oil mills of Trevi

It is the home of the highly appreciated Umbrian oil. This is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its ancient churches and its medieval tower. It is popular for the naturalistic oasis of the Clitunno springs. One can admire here the hills and historic oil mills.

11 Spoleto between culture and major events

If you are looking for a city rich in history, art and culture then surely, it’s Spoleto. It is village of rare beauty with its historic squares and the cathedral. But this is also home to international events such as the Festival of Due Mondi. We can also enjoy here very important musical and theatrical events.

12 Campello sul Clitunno, its castles and the temple

This is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Umbria. The upper village in fact preserves its medieval aspect completely unaltered. There are the walls, the town hall, the towers and the Barnabite monastery. You can also admire the castle of Pissignano, while the real jewels are the sources of Clitunno.

13 Scheggino, a village on the Nera River

The village is a small town, indeed very small, but capable of emanating an incredible charm. Wanted by the Duchy of Spoleto to defend the bridge over the Nera River, it is a labyrinth of alleys and ups and downs, ancient stone houses and enchanting views.

14 From the Romans to the middle Ages in the picturesque Gubbio

Those looking for an authentic village where to stroll through ancient medieval streets and historic buildings must go to this town. It is a true pearl of Umbria. There is no shortage of places to visit. There is the ancient Roman Theater to the square with the Palazzo dei Consoli. One should not forget the beautiful Romanesque churches, such as the cathedral.

15 In Gualdo Tadino for the “Games of the Doors”

The best place to visit in Umbria is Gualdo Tadino with its Rocca Flea. It is a perfectly preserved 12th century castle and now home to civic museums. The city also deserves to be seen, with the cathedral of San Benedetto and the monumental church. For those who love the middle Ages, the right time is when the re-enactment of the “Games de le Porte” takes place.

16 On the border with Tuscany: Città di Castello

Unlike many medieval Umbrian centers, this place is also rich in evidence of the Renaissance. An enchanting place characterized with towers and bell towers. There are historic buildings such as that of the Priori or Palazzo Albizzini, with its art gallery. However, one should visit the beautiful churches such as the Duomo and the church of San Francesco.

17 San Giustino, a strategic place in the Upper Tiber Valley

The Upper Tiber Valley, San Giustino was for centuries a strategic place for Umbria.  As evidenced of the presence of the Bufalini Castle, absolutely worth seeing. The beautiful Villa Graziani, a late Renaissance noble residence is also worth a visit.

18 On the shores of Lake Trasimeno

What to see in Umbria? Among the many destinations of our ideal tour, Lake Trasimeno cannot be missed. A destination appreciated by both nature lovers and those who want to visit the most picturesque villages. It is the largest lake in Central Italy, surrounded with castles, villages and breathtaking landscapes.

19 Castiglione Lake and the Polvese Island

The best places to visit in Umbria, in the area of Lake Trasimeno. Castiglione Lake is certainly the most evocative. City of medieval origin, still today it is characterized by the Ducal Palace and the nearby Rocca Leone. The Polvese Island, an important natural park on the lake, is also worth a visit.

20 The lake from the height of Panicale

Panicale is not located directly on Lake Trasimeno, but dominates it from the hill on which the town was built in the middle Ages. The ancient buildings of the municipal era follow one another along its picturesque streets. This also draws concentric circles around the hill. Also worth seeing is the nearby Montalera Castle.

21 Fabro, between vineyards and olive trees

Almost on the border with Lazio, Fabro is a little known village from a tourist point of view. This village deserves a visit for the beautiful castle and the medieval architecture that distinguish. However, for the landscapes made of olive trees and vineyards that surround it and for the proximity with Orvieto. It is an ideal destination for a quick and pleasant trip.


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22 Orvieto and the Gothic in Italy

The small town is an extremely characteristic place in Italy.It is located on the top of a large tuff cliff. Definitely worth a visit not only for the atmosphere but it can give, with its many streets full of medieval buildings. There is also the splendid cathedral, one of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic architecture in Italy.

23 Todi: land of art, history and poetry

The town that saw the birth of the great thirteenth-century poet Jacopone da Todi is a true jewel of Umbria. It is the most picturesque view is that of Piazza del Popolo, with its buildings dating back to the era. The church of San Fortunato and that of Consolation, built by Bramante, are also worth a visit.

24 The city of lovers: Terni

Not only small charming villages, but also important cities distinguish Umbria. There are Places of historical and economic interest such as Terni. The steel mill is a very important center in Italy. It also preserves very important archaeological remains from the Roman era. Terni is also considered the “city of lovers”, because San Valentino was born there.

25 Piediluco Lake, inspiration for artists

Lake Piediluco is located on the border with Lazio, not far from Terni, and is one of the most picturesque places in Umbria. Artists and painters choose it as the subject of their canvases in the seventeenth century. On the lake there is also an ancient medieval fortress and the curious Echo Mountain.

26 The breathtaking leap of the Marmore Falls

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Umbria is the Marmore Falls. A spectacular jump of 165 meters that brings the waters of the Velino River into the Nera river below. The Romans had originally diverted the watercourse. However, today the force of the waterfall is used to power a hydroelectric plant.

27 Ferentillo and the Museum of Mummies

This village is definitely worth a visit, both for the imposing castle that dominates the town from the surrounding hills. There is a beautiful monastery of San Pietro in Valle. But what makes the town famous is above all the Museum of Mummies, which tells of the discovery, unique in Italy. Here you will see naturally mummified bodies in the crypt of the church of Santo Stefano.

28 A world of events, festivals and festivals

Visiting Umbria also means immersing yourself in its endless village festivals. The medieval re-enactments can be found in almost every country in its great folkloric events. One of the most famous is certainly the Festa dei Ceri di Gubbio. However, music lovers will find unmissable appointments at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto or in the Umbria Jazz calendar.

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29 From the products of the earth to an excellent cuisine

If art and the most beautiful villages in Italy weren’t enough, Then Umbria is perfect destination. Umbria is also a land of excellent products and truly excellent typical dishes. From the “Crescia” of Gubbio to gnocchi with hare sauce, from guinea fowl to the “dripping pan”

30 The typical craftsmanship of a rich land

The small villages and towns of medieval origin are a real treasure for Umbria because they help to pass on the tradition of a flourishing craftsmanship. The product of the Umbrian hills is ceramics, with the majolicas of Gubbio and the centres of Deruta and Orvieto. However, there is no lack of masters in the processing of wood, wrought iron, fabrics and precious metals.