About Milan

Milan is one of the most important and elegant cities in Italy and is rich in history. There are countless impressive buildings in the city that have extraordinary character. This city has many different styles ranging ancient Milanese neoclassical palaces to ultra-modern towers and offices. The commercial metropolis is home to many major business centers, financial institutions and the Italian stock market. Milan is also known all over the world for its excellence in high fashion and design. Shopping opportunities are at their peak in the Golden Quad area, where the streets with major fashion houses. Via Marconi is the headquarters of the main tourist information center in Milan. You may find some tourist offices at the Central Station, as well as near Linate and Malpensa airports.



As a general rule, visitors to the city will find hotels here expensive, although there are often great deals. Milan hotels, follows star rating system, with the best offering the ultimate in luxury. At the cheaper end of the accommodation scale are the basic hostel rooms and guest house. Please keep in mind that finding a bed during fashion weeks can be difficult. Reliable accommodations are around the Duomo, Central Station and Porta Garibaldi. A relatively short distance from Milan is a selection of cheaper hotels. One can also choose neighboring towns and cities like Bergamo, Como and Cremona.

Most of Milan’s main attractions are at the city center and there is a lot to see. Among the many places one should see simply huge Milan Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world. The Castello Sforzeco, a fortress built in 1368 which later became an elegant and suggestive Renaissance residence. The Teatro alla Scala, completed in 1776 and which hosts excellent theatrical productions. Santa Maria delle Grazie, an elaborate church dating back to 1463, where Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “The Last Supper” is exhibited.

Art and culture in Milan

There are also numerous art galleries and museums in Milan, such as the Pinacoteca di Brera, which houses one of the most important art collections in Italy. In this city you can see The Royal Villa and the Civic Gallery of Modern Art with masterpieces. You will definitely admire the famous artists such as Grassi, Matisse and Picasso. Bagatti-Valsecchi Palace is one of the best museums in all of Europe with many outstanding artifacts and collections. The Civic Archaeological Museum is also popular, where you will discover the oldest still existing wooden plow in the world.

One of the most famous streets in Milan is Via Montenapoleone. Here many of the most important Italian and international stylists has showrooms. Throughout the year there are numerous important fashion shows in the city, where the latest collections are exhibited. There are some popular festivals around Milan, including the Monza Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix, the Amrosiano Carnival and the Fieri di Chiaravalle. There is also a famous fair the bell tower of the Cistercian abbey of Chiaravalle.