Rome City Tour

Book Rome city tour with Tours27 and enjoy professional tourism service with the help of our expert and informative guides. If your are first time traveler then stay calm in Rome and enjoy every single minute by exploring the ancient  history of Italy and Europe. However, it is impossible to visit Rome in a day, so prepare your Rome visit for at least 2 days. Our suggestion is always to keep 3 days for Rome visit. This 2 days tour is really awesome because you will be exploring many amazing historical monuments and buildings. In addition, you can definitely love to eat pizza and pasta’s.  This city has amazing history, so one need to have an expert tour guide who should have the deep knowledge of Roman history. 

Please do remember that during this tour you need to walk a bit or we recommend you to do this tour on feet because it is the best way to explore Rome. Before starting these tours we need to buy tickets to avoid long queue. If you inform and book with us in advance then we can do it for you. In addition, we have 3 advises for you. Firstly, don’t speak with suspicious people. Secondly, carry minimum amount of Euros. Thirdly, don’t carry expensive goods. However, it is just a normal advises for all travelers. During this tour you will be visiting on Day 1 Vatican City, Vatican museums, St Angelo castle, Pantheon, TREVI Fountain and Spanish square. On Day 2 – Explore the amazing COLOSSEUM, Venice plaza and Capitoline Museums.


Day 1 - Rome City Tour

1 Vatican City

On this amazing day we move towards St. Peter’s Square. We advise you to arrive early in the morning. Enjoy the emotion you will feel once you arrive in this which is one of the largest public spaces in the world. Here admire the majesty of St. Peter’s Basilica and the magnificence of the decorations and works of art. The Bernini canopy on the papal altar and the immense dome are splendid. Stop to admire Michelangelo’s moving Pietà which is located, protected behind bulletproof glass, in a chapel at the beginning of the right aisle. It is the only work that bears his signature (on the band that surrounds Mary’s chest). The new lighting has just been inaugurated to enhance this masterpiece which makes it even more amazing.

Remember to wear clothes appropriate to the place, otherwise they will not let you in: miniskirts, shorts, and bare shoulders are prohibited. If you have time and want to climb the dome, you can do so by climbing the 551 steps that lead up to the top, or with the lift that takes you to the terrace level. From here you will then still have to climb 360 steps but you will be rewarded with an amazing 360 ° view of Rome. After leaving St. Peter’s, rest for a while in the square taking some souvenir photos and then head to the Vatican Museums which are nearby.

The museums are truly immense, so for a panoramic visit we recommend going to the PINACOTECA, the Pio-Clementino Museum, the Gallery of Geographical Maps, the Raphael Rooms and of course the amazing Sistine Chapel with the priceless frescoes by Michelangelo (here to ensure you priority entrance). Expect to stay in the museum at least two hours.

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2 St- Angelo Castle

At the end of the visit, you reach Castel Sant’Angelo for a visit only from the outside. If, on the other hand, you are not yet sufficiently tired you can enter to visit it (if you buy the ticket online you will skip the line), without forgetting to go to the Angel’s Terrace, from where you can enjoy a superb view of the city. Then stop for a lunch break. Beware that the area around the Vatican is full of pizzerias and trattorias that do not have the slightest scruple of serving poor food at an excessive price.

3 Piazza Navona

Once you have refreshed and rested, the itinerary to visit Rome in 2 days continues crossing Ponte Sant’Angelo. Take a walk until you reach Piazza Navona, with its beautiful Baroque palaces and magnificent fountains (including that of Bernini’s four rivers). Lose yourself in the crowd of tourists, portrait painters and street artists who fill it at any time.

4 Pantheon

From Piazza Navona cross Corso Rinascimento and behind Palazzo Madama (seat of the Senate) walk along the series of streets that lead to Piazza of Rotonda and the Pantheon, one of the many symbols of Rome and the best preserved ancient monument in the capital. Once inside you will be amazed by the magnificent marble interior and the astonishing dome, which represents the largest dome in the world in unreinforced concrete.



Once out of the Pantheon, go back to Piazza of Rotonda and from there take via Pastini to the Temple of Hadrian. Pass it, continue along via of Pietra, cross via of Corso, take via of Muratte and, following the sound of the water, arrive at the TREVI Fountain. The impact is breathtaking … you will be literally fascinated by this which is one of the must-see attractions in Rome.


After stopping here for the inevitable ritual photos, take via della Stamperia to via del Tritone. Cross it and walk along Via Due Marcelli which will take you to the elegant eighteenth-century Piazza Spain with its famous Spanish Steps (which with the new restoration has taken back its ancient splendor), at the foot of which is the famous Barcaccia fountain. You can only walk on the steps, but sitting is no longer allowed, under penalty of a heavy fine. Book Rome city tour with whatsapp as well.

Day 2


The second day of the itinerary to visit Rome in 2 days will lead you to discover Ancient Rome. The departure is for the Colosseum, the symbol of the eternal city par excellence. We recommend that you start the tour early in the morning to avoid the busy and hot hours. Bring bottles of water and something to eat. If you decide to visit the Colosseum inside, buy the ticket online, you will skip the long lines at the entrance.

Not far from it, on the right, you will find the Arch of Constantine. It is the most famous of the Roman triumphal arches and one of the last monuments of ancient Rome. Further on, visit the Palatine Hill. Take via dei Fori Imperiali and arrive at the Roman Forum. On the high side of the road you can see the whole area of ​​the Imperial Forums. The archaeological complex that contains all the holes built between 42 BC and 112 AD. You can admire the Forums from Via Alessandrina up to the imposing Trajan’s Column. Admire the wonderful bas-reliefs that tell the emperor’s campaigns against the Dacian population like in a film. Along the way you won’t have much chance of finding bars or restaurants. So we recommend that you have a packed lunch once you get close to the Trajan’s column.


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8 Venice Plaza or Piazza

After having lunch, leave the forum of Trajan and reach Piazza VENICE, occupied on one side by the great monument of the VITTORIANO. Today dedicated to the unknown-soldier, it was built in 1885 to commemorate the unity of Italy. Attention that out of respect for the place it is forbidden to sit (the controls are strict). You can reach the top of the it with the panoramic glass lift accessible on the side of the building. Once you reach the terrace, the view is priceless.


The itinerary to visit Rome in 2 days ends with the stop dedicated to the Campidoglio, the most famous and smallest Roman hill. You can get there just climbing the Cordonata (the most spectacular way). It is the staircase that leads from Piazza d’Aracoeli to Piazza del Campidoglio, design of Michelangelo. Here you can admire the perfect copy of the equestrian monument to Marcus Aurelius. The original is located in the Capitoline Museums located on the right of the square. The Capitoline museums represent the oldest public museum in the world and are a must visit. Do not miss the paintings of Titian, Tintoretto, Rubens and many other great artists. If you can make it, dedicate a couple of hours to the museum.

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The itinerary that we have proposed to visit Rome in 2 days is challenging and of course it is a rough itinerary. So you decide what interests you most based on the time you want to dedicate to the individual attractions.