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Travel agency in Naples, Tours27 building the itinerary for a trip, especially in Italy, is certainly not a simple thing. There are thousands of variables to consider such as the distances, the different climates in the various parts of the Italy. Before creating a trip one should understand the seasonal characteristics, the duration of the trip and the budget available. However, years ago we chose a simple but effective path, which has always repaid us with the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. Even before being organizers, we at Tours27 were travelers. All the destinations, the proposed structures, the packages and the possible variations have been tested with authentic experiences. We make sure to offer truly dream trips because our tourism team is highly experienced. All this translates into precise itinerary planning and timely and informed assistance on any aspect of the trip.

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Preparation, transparency and, above all, tested experiences resulting from our passion for travel, are the key elements of our proposal, the values ​​that enrich and complete our offer to the customer. Moreover, our services include tour packages, transportation, guide, driver, flight tickets, train ticket, arrival and departure, free tourism adviser etc.

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We strive every day to build personalized travel experiences in which nothing is left to chance. Our offer is particularly attentive to the wishes of customers who want to celebrate an important event with a trip and to the needs of those, friends and relatives, who want to contribute with a welcome gift. This is why Tours27 has designed and developed a practical and intuitive gift list management system that offers the celebrated maximum flexibility in organizing the trip and friends and relatives the convenience of contributing to the gift with a simple click

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Happy to work in a sector that we deeply love and eager to share and pass on the experience gained over the years, we are also investing in the development and expansion of our network of Tours27 franchise agencies. For us the goal is not the goal, but only the next step of the journey.

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Things to explore in Naples

Naples is a city that cannot be discovered all at once. It is impossible to make a list of what to do and see in Naples in terms of architecture, cultural activities and history, among all the options available. Among the museums, the walks, the shopping, Naples has this fascinating side. The traffic and frenetic pace of the city will leave you with the impression that it never stops, will make you feel that Naples is tireless and yet retains that southern charm and warmth that make it a very popular destination.

The warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants, the sense of welcome and generosity, will quickly make you forget the few negative aspects of the city. And for those who love history, Naples offers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Greek-Roman ruins, but also to walk among the Baroque palaces with the scent of a good pizza in the air and the image of Italian cinema of the 1950s. . So cosmopolitan and popular, Naples will leave you breathless. Here is a list of what to do and see in Naples during your holidays!

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1 Duomo

Cathedral and Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro: obviously we cannot exclude from this list of what to see in Naples a visit to the patron saint of the city San Gennaro, or as the Neapolitans call him ‘Yellow Face’. Inside the Cathedral, in the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, his bones and two ancient ampoules containing the saint’s blood are kept. These ampoules are exhibited three times a year: the Saturday before the first Sunday in May, September 19 and December 16, days in which you can witness the saint’s miracle: the dissolution, or rather liquefaction, of the blood. Blood does not always melt and when it does not happen it is considered a bad omen by the Neapolitan population.

Next to the Cathedral is the Museum, opened to the public in 2003, which is a meticulous display of everything related to the life of the saint: art collections including jewels, statues, busts, fine fabrics and paintings of great value. The jewels of the Treasure of San Gennaro are works of inestimable value made by the expert goldsmiths of the Neapolitan School. Among the most famous pieces that deserve to be seen: the Necklace of San Gennaro, dating back to 1679; the gilded silver Miter, dating back to 1713; the Mantle, covered with precious stones and enamels depicting the heraldic insignia of the family; the Golden Chalice dating back to 1761.

2 Pompei

Pompeii: deserves a separate article because it is an authentic wonder. It is located 25 km from Naples and is known to the world as the place where natural events have stopped time: it is possible to see the remains of a cradle of civilization and splendor, which was submerged on 24 August 79 AD. from the disastrous eruption of Vesuvius. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, Pompeii has origins almost as old as Rome. There are many things to see in Pompeii, in this paragraph we indicate the ones we consider most important. Archaeological Park of Pompeii: The excavations extend for about 440,000 square meters: we are talking about an entire city buried. Inside the Archaeological Park, we recommend that you absolutely see: the Amphitheater, the Garden of the Fugitives, the Lupanare, the temples of Jupiter and Apollo and the house of the Faun.

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3 Piazza of Popolo

Also called Piazza del Plebiscito, it is one of the most beautiful and largest squares to visit in Naples, located in the heart of the city, not far from the Gambrinus café and near the Royal Palace. The square has the shape of an ellipse and is now entirely pedestrian. In addition, during the Christmas period it is also possible to attend small outdoor works. It is definitely a stop to consider if you are wondering what to see in Naples.

4 The Umberto Gallery

Much like its cousin, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the Galleria Umberto I is one of the main areas to include on your list of what to see and do in Naples. This huge shopping center is famous for its shops and small cafes, but above all it contains the example of Renaissance-style architecture visible in every corner. The glass roof is huge and very impressive. In fact, the central dome reaches 57 meters in height and the floor is made up of a gigantic mosaic representing the zodiac.

5 Castel Nuovo

This castle is so named to distinguish it from the oldest royal residence, the Castel dell’Ovo. It is a huge fortress that dominates the entire port city of Naples. The triumphal arch marks the entrance to the castle. This castle is also the largest classical archaeological museum: it houses the largest art collection in Italy with the Farnese collection, as well as ceramics, paintings, sculptures and jewels dating back to the eruption of Vesuvius, not far from the city . Other objects are also shown, such as gladiator equipment. So, if you are still wondering what to see in Naples, we recommend a stop at Castel Nuovo!


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6 Castel of ‘Ovo

The Egg Castle is located on the islet of Megaride, within the Gulf of Naples. However, Legend has it that a hidden egg supports the entire structure of the building. Moreover, you will see its terrace with its coat of arms, the marina at the foot of the castle and to discover the secret of the famous egg puzzle.

7 The San Carlo Theater

The San Carlo Theater is the most important in the city and one of the most impressive. However, it is today the oldest active opera house in the world and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8 The Royal Palace

Beautifully, built in 1601, the Royal Palace has undergone many transformations since then and ended in a Baroque style. Amazingly, the external structure is very impressive and so is the internal one: marble stairs and columns, statues, large lamps. It is in the heart of Piazza del Plesbicito.

9 The cloister of the Basilica of Santa Chiara

For those who want to rest or surround themselves with beauty, the cloister of Santa Chiara is a true oasis of peace. You can see pastel-coloured frescoes on the walls. The garden is decorated with colonnades, which create an extremely bucolic atmosphere. To take a break in this noisy and hyperactive Naples, why not let yourself be tempted for a few moments of sweetness?

10 Capri

The cliffs and caves of the island of Capri is amazing for visitors.  Greek used to live on this island. In fact, we strongly recommend that you include the island in the list of what to see in Naples. You can reach there with ferry. It is easy to understand that why artists and writers have always immortalized the beauty and history of Capri. On the island, you can board a boat to visit the Blue Grotto. Discover the least known part of the island. Finish off with a good ice cream strolling through Marina small or Marina Grande, an ancient Roman fishing port.

11 The volcano Vesuvius

Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes in Europe. The eruption on 24 August 79 destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. With its 1281 meters high, its slopes are easily visible from Naples, which is located about 10 kilometers to the north-west. If you are thinking about what to see in Naples, include an excursion to visit Vesuvius. One should also visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum.

12 The Royal Palace of Caserta

If you go to visit Naples, we recommend you to discover the Royal Palace of Caserta located just 30 kilometers north of the city. It was the ancient residence of the royal family of the Bourbons of Naples. Its gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit a vast palace of 61,000 square meters, a large park and a water garden, as well as woods and hunting huts.


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13  Sant’ Elmo Castle

This former medieval palace and former royal residence is today a multicultural centre that regularly organizes temporary exhibitions, concerts and shows. The interior is not open for visitors, but the site offers a magnificent view of the city of Naples. Moreover, it is surroundings with Un-miss able stop on the list of what to see in Naples.

14 National archeological Museum

It is the most important in the world as regards the finds and works of the Roman era. This is also popular as the site with the richest archaeological heritage in Italy. It stands on the Greek necropolis of ancient Naples. This divides into three main sections which contain the Farnese Collection, the Pompeian collections and the Egyptian Section. In addition to this, there are Topographical Section from Prehistory to the Etruscans, the Epigraphic and Numismatic Collections. It has also the Naples Station and the Salone della Meridiana. The most important pieces are the Hercules and the Farnese Bull. It has The Atlas and the entire collection of Egyptian artifacts, which is second largest in Italy.

Other ideas on what to see and do in Naples

Naples is not just a place to discover and visit the monuments. Indeed, this city is also feeling, tasting, drinking and eating. Here are some tips to better enjoy the Neapolitan experience and understand what to see in Naples. Taste the Neapolitan sweets: go to Galleria Umberto I and then enter Maria’s shop and enjoy the extraordinary sfogliatelle. Discover Neapolitan cuisine: how can you be in Naples and not taste one of its pizzas? Those of the Pizzeria Sorbillo in via dei Tribunali are a must. It is not a very touristic place. The restaurant is always full, because true connoisseurs know where to go for a good pizza.


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Here are other things to see during a stay in Naples:

Naples and its churches: as a matter of fact, Naples and its roots are deeply connects with Christian culture. Take the subway and discover the huge works of art that adorn some stations. Visit the Capodimonte Museum in Naples. All says that it is one of the most beautiful museums in Italy and the most beautiful art museum in Naples. The museum houses more than 3000 paintings from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. Finally, Naples is not only the city, but also its surroundings with a walk in Sorrento or on the Amalfi coast. A tour to Naples means enjoying the local real life then other Italian cities, it means feeling the breeze of southern part of Italy. This place is full of lively spirit and communicative energy. You no longer have any doubts about what to see in Naples.


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