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Travel agency in Milan, Tours27 was born as a natural continuation of a 10-years activity carried out by professionals in classic, adventure, business and cultural tourism. To tell our essence we have highlighted four points that can sum up our passion for travel. We organize paths that can be cultural experiences and programs that are rarely offered. Our Italian tourism team personally explores each destination, with a meticulous control of all tourism services. We take care of every single detail in order to always provide the best service. From the drafting of the program to the execution our team has enough experience. In addition, we are always providing useful information and suggestions in order to optimize visit times and value for money. Moreover, we assist throughout the duration of the trip, with a telephone service and / or physically 24 hours a day.

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We are highly experienced in organizing grand guided tours, organized but prestigious trips, without repetitive choices, always experiencing different adventures every year.

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Since then, as a travel agency in central Milan, we have made and accompanied over one thousands group trips. Even now, our attention is on the search for innovative destinations or on the rediscovery of nations that are reopening to a tourism that has not yet been standardized. As far as travel is concerned, you know, doing everything online and alone is not always the best solution. On the contrary … Our programs, which generally include three to four “dream trips” per year. With short-term destinations, we send to all subscribers to our mailing list within the month of December. Our range of offers is very wide and we are able to formulate personalized trips and tailor-made trips for any need. Today Tours27 is a brand and a historic Tour Operator of study holidays for children and youngsters.

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Corporate travel and incentive travel

The other great specialties of Tours27 are corporate travel and incentive travel (in particular corporate travel in Milan and incentive travel in Milan). Our trips intended both as qualifying moments for employees to do “team building” in total relaxation. Our tailor-made trips designed for partners and customers in order to better promote their brand. Investing in prestige travel at optimized and agreed prices is valuable for companies that make brand awareness, the acquisition of new customers or the loyalty of existing customers their main marketing activities.

A memorable event such as a relaxing trip or a “dream trip” can be both a perfect opportunity to establish important business relationships. The best way to convey promotional messages in a pleasant way is simply to create a positive atmosphere among customers. The Tours27 team is able to take care of your business trips and incentive trips in every detail.  We organize from dinners to on-site conventions, to ensure that the “context” is always the best.

Individual trips

In the Tours27 offices, a travel agency in central Milan, we develop “tailor-made” trips (tailor-made, personalized trips) for any destination. Our team draws on the best proposals from the most serious Tour Operators. The specialists you will find in Tours27 have direct experience of almost the entire practicable world. There is no destination that has secrets for us. With Tours27 you can plan relaxing trips and leisure trips, dream trips and business trips, luxury trips and honeymoons. Our organized trips or alternative trips in complete tranquility and well planned. In addition, the only limit will be your imagination, because for over 40 years, consultancy aimed at satisfying the actual needs of the customers.

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Fairs in Italy and abroad

Tour27 offers the complete management of individual or group travel for exhibitors and visitors at trade fairs.  In Italy and abroad Tours27’s “earned reputation in this core business” from the very beginning. A specialization that acquired reliability has allowed Tours27 to place itself among the most accredited agencies in this area. With privileged access to consistent allotments in Italy and abroad at hotels with easier access to the exhibition halls. An added value of Tours27 is the presence on site of our experienced staff in the sector, constant support for the businessman and for any travel related needs.

Milan city center travel agency with air, sea and rail tickets

We also manage special and customized charter flights for conventions, incentive trips or for any other transport need for closed groups. Our ticketing team is always in the search for the most competitive airline in terms of fare, quality and flexibility. Tours27 is not just a Milan travel agency, but above all we serve our best tourism services everywhere in Italy. We are an agency of excellence a stone’s throw from the railway station of the same name.  

Things to explore in and around Milan

1 Duomo of Milan

This amazing church is the heart of Milanese spirituality, with over 4 million visitors a year. It must be said that the popularity of the building also contributes to the centrality of the square. It is a hub for almost all of Milan’s tourist attractions and for this reason generally was the starting point for a visit to the city. From an architectural point of view, the Cathedral represents a precious testimony of Lombard.  The construction of the cathedral lasted for over 5 centuries. This very long time span also explains the high number of statues: over 3000 between inside and outside. It is said that the singular presence of lay personalities (Dante Alighieri, Arturo Toscanini and even the boxer Primo Carnera) alongside prophets.

The 135 spiers that decorate the exterior of the Cathedral, together with the Relic of the Holy Nail kept in a reliquary at the apex of the main apse. According to the legend it would be one of the nails of the cross of Jesus. It constitute two of the major elements charm of the Milan Cathedral which – it should be remembered. Also not to be missed is the ascent to the roof and the visit of the underground with the archaeological remains of the original Basilica of Santa Tecla.

2 Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

There are those who have rightly called the Milan tunnel a station without rails, tracks and trains. In fact, the bustling bustle of people is very similar to that of a railway yard, with the substantial difference that here shopping counts. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in fact, is a real shopping center with boutiques of the major high fashion brands alongside historic cafes. In short, there are those who come to look and those, instead, to be looked at. It is always beautiful, during the Christmas period, according to many, it turns into the most “in” place in the city.

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3 Fashion district

In Milan it is impossible not to shop. The most famous place to shop is (via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Manzoni, via Sant’Andrea) the temple of Milanese shopping. Ferragamo, Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, Versace and other big brands are present in such a concentration. However there are few people who can afford to buy here but it is not the point either. In fact, the most interesting aspect of the fashion district is that it sets a trend.

4 Sforzesco Castle

The Castle is another obligatory stop on a visit to Milan which is in the city center. It is just like the city cathedral. The continuation of the initial work of his predecessor Galeazzo II Visconti, built the lodgings for the troops. After the Visconti it was the Sforza’s turn: first Francesco Sforza and then Ludovico Maria Sforza. The latter gave great prestige to the Milanese fortress, among others, artists of the caliber of Leonardo da Vinci and Donato Bramante to court. From the 16th to the 18th century the castle went through a very turbulent phase, passing into French, Spanish and Austrian hands. Coming to the present day, there are two reasons why the Castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Milan. It is the best place to spend a day with family here especially in a busy and always rushing city such as Milan.

4 Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

The Basilica is undoubtedly another obligatory stop on a visit to Milan. Its importance goes beyond the religious aspect and directly affects another cornerstone of the city’s identity. There is a close link between the local church and civil society. The basilica of the patron saint is also worthwhile from an architectural point of view. Art historians, in fact, agree in considering it the most shining testimony of the Lombard-Romanesque. It is a source of inspiration for the construction of many other churches around the region.

5 Cenacolo Vinciano

In terms of notoriety, Leonardo’s Last Supper is second only to the Mona Lisa kept in the Louvre in Paris. Here the Florentine artist painted on the wall of the refectory of the Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Ludovico 2 Moro commissioned the painting, 4 meters high and 9 meters long. It also strongly pushed for the representation of the announcement of the betrayal that Jesus addressed to the apostles. Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper was the subject of one of most complicated restoration campaigns ever experienced.

6 The Castle of Brescia

A large fortress built on Hill of Cidneo between the 1300s and 1500s in a strategic position with a dominant view of the city. Brescia Castle is a place particularly dear to the people of Brescia and Italy. It is a favorite destination for relaxing walks in the countryside surrounded with breathtaking views. The castle houses the first public astronomical observatory in Italy. Moreover, there is also beautiful railway models and the Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum. Many events take place throughout the year, such as the medieval historical re-enactment, craft markets and open-air cinema. In addition, do not miss the visits to the dungeons together with the Brescia Speleological Association. Finally, the castle is easily reachable on foot from the historic center of Brescia with a walk of about 15 minutes.

7 Santa Giulia, the city Museum of Brescia

It is a Place of exceptional historical and artistic importance and the main museum of the city. The Complex of Santa Giulia is a real treasure chest. The Cross of the 9th century is one of the greatest goldsmith works in the world. However, you can see also the incredible frescoes of the Nuns’ Choir and the remains of the ancient Roman. It is also the witness of marvelous interiors of the Basilica of San Salvatore. It is not surprising that the Santa Giulia is one of the most visited attractions of Brescia. In addition you may explore the archaeological area of the Capitolium and the monastic complex of San Salvatore. Finally, the museum constitutes the UNESCO site in the heart of the Brixia Storica. It has also some important temporary exhibitions.


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8 Querinian Library

The most prestigious of Brescia’s libraries takes its name from Cardinal Querini, who founded it in 1747. This historic Library current location is inside the Bishop’s Palace in via Mazzini. Since then, the Library has continued to enrich itself and today boasts a heritage of over 500,000 works. It is including 1,158 incunabula, 8,386 sixteenth century and 10,000 manuscripts with magnificent examples of illuminated manuscripts. The building was later restored and adapted to a modern concept of the library. The intense conservation work has made it possible to preserve the original solemnity. However, the Library as a reference point for the culture of Brescia and beyond.

9 Monza

Monza is one of the best known and largest municipalities of the Lombard plain, immediately after Milan and Brescia. The city was inhabited even before the Roman period and experienced a particularly flourishing period during the seventh century. It was chosen among many as the summer capital of the Lombard Kingdom.

Monza Cathedral

It is located in the square of the city. The Duomo of Monza is a basilica dating back to the fourteenth century dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. Her position was strongly desired of the Lombard queen who chose Monza as her summer residence and had this basilica built. The exterior is majestic and the witness of a bell tower 80 meters high. The most precious treasure of the Cathedral of Monza, however, is certainly the Chapel of Queen. This is a Gothic masterpiece in which 45 episodes from the life of the queen have been depicted and which preserves the famous Corona, a grandiose Lombard goldsmith’s work. According to tradition, it should contain one of the nails used during the crucifixion of Christ.

There is also the sarcophagus that contains the remains of the sovereign. It was an object of veneration for centuries: even today. On the anniversary of the death of Queen (January 22), a solemn mass is celebrated at the chapel altar.


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Things to Note

1 Beware of pickpockets

As we all know it’s a crowded place of every big city, even in Milan it can happen to run into some malicious pickpocket. The precautions are the classic ones that we have already suggested other times. First, do not wear chains, bracelets, rings of particular value. Second, do not leave the bag open around. Third, do not keep the wallet in the back pocket of the trousers and don’t carry a lot of cash etc.

2 Don't drive around the city

This beautiful historic city Milan must visit on foot. Avoid using public transport which is punctual and frequent in the Lombard capital. In short, leave the car at the hotel or at home. Furthermore, giving up the car means you are contributing to the reduction of air pollution. In addition, The city administration has been dealing with for years for implementing all possible measures and initiatives to improve air health.

3 Guideline to visit churches and museums

Please do remember not to enter in the Cathedral with evident necklines or in Bermuda shorts and slippers. These rules and regulations also apply at the other symbolic places, even non-religious ones, of Milan (museums, for example). Everyone needs to respect which also includes the ban on taking photos, at least during religious celebrations.

Our advice

Being the best travel agency in Italy, we Tours27 recommend all travelers to book all the necessary things at-least 3 month before the travel. Our tourism team is always at your service but we also advice you all to contact us if you have any doubt. Because we are always online so you can connect with us via social app or email. If you have less time and want some honest advice then just leave us an email and our experts will reply within a day. However, you can get you tour program within a day but we always want to hear from you to understand better you wishes.

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