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What to explore in Tuscany

What better way to discover Tuscany and its beautiful cities, rich in museums and monuments. if not accompanied with an expert tour guide? In Tuscany you can also take part in small or large organized tours through which to know the most beautiful places in the region. Those who want to move on their own may need a car or a rental bike to make some nice excursions in the beautiful territories of Chianti or MUGELLO or VALDORCIA. If you are looking for information on car or bike rental, tours and organized excursions in Tuscany, if you are thinking of getting married in Tuscany or want to rent or buy a house in Tuscany, this is the right section for you because we are the best tour operator in Tuscany to organize everything perfectly.


In a country like Italy with a very high concentration of works of art Florence is able to stand out as a top destination for architectural, pictorial and sculptural beauty. Cradle of the Italian Renaissance, it is a city where the eyes feed on harmony and perfection: although full of tourists, Florence is poetry for the eyes. The landmark building of the Tuscan capital is its magnificent DUOMO, while the pinnacle of romance is reached by crossing the famous Ponte VECCHIO with its beautiful views of the Arno. The jewel in the crown of cultural tourism in Florence, however, is the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous and most visited museums in the world and great national pride.

Here you can admire the masterpieces that have made the history of Italian art, including the most famous works of Raphael, Michelangelo and Botticelli. The artistic itinerary continues with a visit to Palazzo PITTI, the Vasari Corridor and the Boboli Gardens. What if instead of art you want shops, deli, and entertainment? Don’t worry; Florence is a dynamic and modern city, full of clubs and with a rich program of events.


The magic of Piazza del Campo in Siena is indescribable. In the moment when the famous shell-shaped square where the most famous Italian PALIO is held is in front of you. It is impossible not to try a dip in the heart. Take the time to enjoy this unique moment, after which you dedicate your attention to the beautiful buildings overlooking the square. In particular the Palazzo PUBBLICO, the Torre DEL MANGIA, Cappella DI Piazza and Palazzo SANSEDONI. The visit of Siena for many tourists stops here. Do not rush to leave for another destination. The city is full of museums, characteristic views and viewpoints from which to admire the rolling hills of the surroundings.



The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the symbols of Italy all over the world. It is an architectural wonder with an initial misfortune that has made it unique. In recent years it has been secured thanks to modern techniques, but not straightened. The Tower of Pisa will keep forever the inclination that distinguishes it. So you can still visit inside and then take the funny photo pretending to support the Tower. Next to the Tower, concentrated in the space of Piazza DEI MIRACOLI. There are the other most famous attractions of Pisa: the DUOMO, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Monumental Cemetery. A less touristy area that deserves to be explored is the LUNGARNI, a popular meeting place for PISANS animated on day and evening. The city life continues at BORGO STRETTO, a PROTICO and street full of shops and clubs.


Perfectly preserved walls are not a rarity in Tuscany, but those of Lucca are special. They are the only defensive walls built in modern times to have arrived intact to our days. Today they are a magnificent tree-lined avenue where you can mingle with the locals for a relaxing walk or to attend an outdoor event. After the tour of the walls, you can have a coffee in Piazza DELL’ANFITEATRO. You may climb to the top of the Torre DELLE Ore to that of the GUINIGI. Later visit the house where GIACOMO Puccini was born and other interesting museums. Be careful if you travel at the end of October: the city is invaded by fans of comics and COSPLAYS for the very popular fair Lucca Comics and Games.


There is a top attraction of Tuscany that you cannot admire with the view but with the taste. It is the Chianti, the most famous Tuscan wine in the world. Another symbol of the beautiful country of which Tuscany can boast. The Chianti hills are an ideal destination for a holiday with slow rhythms. Which is made of simple things like enjoying the pleasures of good food, resting in the garden of a farm and walking through the streets of a medieval village.

The best way to explore the Chianti region is definitely by car. This gives you the freedom to stop whenever you want, maybe to photograph a magnificent view, to visit a winery and have a tasting. You may stop to buy cold cuts, cheese, oil and other typical products to take home. The villages to be included in a Chianti car itinerary are CASTELNUOVO BERARDEGNA, GREVE in Chianti, PANZANO in Chianti, CASTELLINO in Chianti, RADDA in Chianti and GAIOLE in Chianti.


The Val D’ORCIA is the business card of Tuscany. It is located in the heart of the province of Siena. Moreover, it is here that you will find the rolling Tuscan hills portrayed in all the postcards, posters and souvenirs. It is isolated farmhouses and rows of cypresses. One can visit it in every season of the year to enjoy it in all its shades of color, ranging from fresh grass green in spring to intense yellow after harvesting. In Val D’ORCIA, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will discover charming medieval villages, such as PIENZA, San QUIRICO D’ORCIA and RADICOFANI. Don’t forget MONTEPULCIANO, not far away, another essential attraction of a tour of Tuscany.

To better enjoy the Val D’ORCIA rent a car and turn it far and wide: each road is in itself an attraction, for the magnificent views that you will be able to enjoy. Choose whether to stay in one of the main villages or in the open countryside. Since in Val D’ORCIA the farmhouses are many, all very beautiful and very often equipped with swimming pool and restaurant.


The Elsa River, which flows between Florence and Siena before flowing into the Arno, draws what is one of the most beautiful valleys in Tuscany. It is the VALDESLA, or VALDESLA, traditionally divided into a “High” and a “Low” area. The Alta VALDESLA is located in the province of Siena. Here you will find some interesting destinations to visit, such as COLLE VALDESLA and POGGIBONSI. But above all MONTERIGGIONI, with its wonderful circle of medieval walls. You may visit the incredible San GIMIGNIANO, the city of towers, UNESCO heritage.

The Lower VALDESLA is part of the province of Florence. Among the most important tourist destinations. We mention without doubt CERTALDO, to visit especially during the traditional MERCANTIA festival. It is the old town turns into a huge outdoor theater of medieval inspiration, with songs, dances, events and markets. The capital of the Lower VALDESLA is EMPOLI. This city has almost 50 thousand inhabitants, pleasant to visit and equipped with all services. At the east end of the Lower VALDESLA, already in the province of Pisa. There is finally San MINIATO, with its delightful historic village.


MAREMMA Toscana (Tour operator in Tuscany)

The MAREMMA is a very vast territory: except for a small part in Lazio. It is found almost all in Tuscany in the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno, as well as some areas in the province of Pisa. The MAREMMA coast extends throughout the province of Grosseto and much of that of Livorno. So it is natural to think that it is a perfect destination for a beach holiday. There is only an embarrassment of choice, between famous places such as ROSIGNANO MARITTIMO, San VINCENZO, POPULONIA and PIOMBINO. Moreover, in the province of Livorno, and FOLLONICA are one of amazing places.  In addition, you may explore Marina DI Grosseto, the promontory of ARGENTARIO, Punta Ala and Castiglione DELLA PESCAIA in the province of Grosseto. 

But the MAREMMA is not only perfect for a seaside holiday in the hinterland. In fact the landscape is amazing, made of hills and hills. It is a typically Mediterranean vegetation with maritime pines and cypresses, interspersed with fields of sunflowers and miles of vineyards. In MAREMMA traditions are also strong. Land of robbers for centuries, in this area are rooted popular song, the typical gastronomy and BUTTERI. The famous shepherds on horseback who often organize live demonstrations of their skills even for tourists.

GARFAGNANA (Tour operator in Tuscany)

In the province of Lucca, among its most remote areas but at the same time interesting from the tourist point of view is the GARFAGANA. We are located between the APUAN Alps and the Tuscan-EMILLION Apennines. It is a beautiful natural setting between valleys and peaks over 2000 meters. The GARFAGANA is therefore an ideal destination for a holiday outside the main tourist routes. You may love discovering the villages and villages you will realize that you have arrived in a really beautiful area. 

Here you can enjoy numerous opportunities for relaxation, while hiking enthusiasts will find several trails ready to await them. Do not miss CASTELNOVO DI GARFAGNANA. these are the main of the 15 municipalities in the area, with the beautiful ROCCA ARIOSTESCA recently renovated. It is very interesting the village of San Pellegrino in ALPE, from which starts the GIRO DEL DIAVOLO, or mountain bike from which to admire wonderful views.

Among the many villages of GARFAGNANA are to visit SASSI, BARGA, SILLICO, VERGEMOLI and CESERANA. Among the excursions to do in GARFAGNANA, we point out those towards CAMPOCATINO. The ORECCHIELLA Park, Lake GRAMOLAZZO and especially ISOLA Santa, a village on an artificial lake. Which are the white marble quarries of Michelangelo, and the characteristic rock formations of the MARMITTE DEI GIGANTI. If you want to go down into the bowels of the Earth, enjoy the underground excursion to the GROTTA del Vento, in FORNOVOLASCO.


Val DI CHIANA (Tour operator in Tuscany)

The Val DI CHIANA, or VALDICHIANA, is a vast area that embraces Tuscany and Umbria. Specifically, in Tuscany the provinces concerned are Arezzo and Siena. Visiting this area of the region allows you to come into contact with the typical reality of the place. You will admire beautiful landscapes and discovering medieval villages, immersed in centuries-old traditions also under the aspect of gastronomy. In addition to part of the town of Arezzo, has in its main tourist destinations the towns of CORTONA, CASTIGLION FIORENTINO and LUCIGIANO.

As for its SIENESE counterpart, we mention CHIUSI, CHIANCIANO TERME and MONTEPULCIANO. Despite the latter occupy a “border” position straddling the Val D’ORCIA The best way to visit the VALDICHIANA is with car. So enjoy the beautiful streets and stop to take pictures at every corner. Stay in the typical farmhouses in the area, so you can fully immerse yourself in nature, enjoying the excellent typical food at zero kilometers with Tours27 the awesome tour operator in Tuscany.

ISOLA D’ELBA (Tour operator in Tuscany)

Finally, among the things to see in Tuscany stands out the island of Elba, the third largest island in Italy. It is the most important of the Tuscan archipelago. Elba is in the province of Livorno, and can be reached in about an hour by ferry from PIOMBINO. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the inhabitants of the region. As here they have the opportunity to enjoy a crystal clear sea with beautiful colors. It has magnificent coves and typical seaside villages which you can explore with tour operator in Tuscany. Once in Elba the ferry docks in PORTOFERRAI, which is also the largest town.

Visit the old town and stroll along the marina, then head to some of the most beautiful places on the island, such as Porto AZZURRO, CAPOLIVERI or LALONA. It extends over a beautiful bay where many campsites overlook. Do not miss a view from the top of Elba, climbing on foot or by cable car on the top of Mount CAPANNE. From which you can admire a beautiful 360 degree panorama and on clear days you can even see the profile of Corsica. Relax in some of the best sandy beaches on the island, such as Marina DI Campo, BIODOLA, PROCCHIO, CAVOLI or FETOVAIA.


Where to eat in Tuscany

In Tuscany there is an indescribable number of restaurants, oratories and pizzerias where you can taste the authentic local cuisine. So if you are looking for a place where you can taste traditional dishes and typical recipes. Some advice from Tuscans – or Tuscany “He turned it far and wide” – might come in handy. When you are out of the house, whether abroad or in a place where you have never been, choosing a place to eat is not always as simple as it may seem. Many restaurants display flashy signs with misleading advertising just to attract tourists inside. Usually, in fact, when a restaurant is full of tourists only, it is never a positive sign.

On the contrary, if you notice a place crowded with locals, book without fear: great service, delicious traditional cuisine and reasonable prices are guaranteed at99%. In this section you will find those places that we have personally tried. We want to share with you our impressions about their location, both external and internal, the service offered and the staff present. The dishes offered and the quality/ price ratio, so that you can choose, once in Tuscany, what seems to best meet your expectations.

  4. ENZO Restaurant

Cooking Classes in Tuscany

Want to learn the secrets of homemade pasta? Or learn how to choose the right wine for your dishes? We suggest you try to immerse yourself in the magical world of Tuscan cuisine, either for one afternoon or for a whole week. In fact, in addition to tasting great wine and excellent food with the best tour operator in Tuscany. You will learn to cook it and then propose it to your friends and relatives returning from your holiday in Tuscany.

The thermal baths in Tuscany

In Tuscany the natural springs of thermal water are scattered all over the territory, from the LUNIGIANA in the north to the Val D’ORCIA in the south. Although many have now become part of spas, the choice of places where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation is not lacking: there are still many natural thermal springs, where you can immerse yourself in the warm waters and benefit from the therapeutic properties for which they have always been very famous.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at the spa in Tuscany with amazing tour operator in Tuscany Tours27. Therefore, possible at any time of the year. But if you are not in the immediate vicinity, take a look at the directions or ask one of the many tourist offices in the area. It is often indicated with the words APT (Tourist Board): you will not have to travel great distances. Tuscany is known, in fact, for its spas spread throughout the territory since ancient times.

bar-and restaurant

Trekking to discover the Tuscan landscape

One of the most fascinating aspects of Tuscany is its landscape, surprising and varied jewel that gives even more value to our region. There are many guided excursions that will allow you to learn about the landscapes that deepen the history, culture and traditions. It is characterizes them, or you can venture along one of the many paths of CAI (Italian Alpine Club) they cross the region far and wide.

Whichever solution you decide to choose, trekking will give you the opportunity to explore Tuscany on foot from another perspective. Moreover, to admire beautiful views that otherwise you would never have been able to discover. Although you could tour the whole region passing from one path to another, areas such as GARFAGNANA, CASENTINO, LUNIGIANA. The Florentine Hills are particularly rich in trails and frequented by experienced hikers and beginners. In conclusion you may explore more beautiful place with your own tour operator in Tuscany Tours27.

Facts about Tuscany

Tuscany is a region of central Italy and is considered one of the most important cultural landscapes of the Renaissance. Countless places and attractions are already on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The world famous capital Florence is a nerve point and other interesting cities such as Lucca, Pisa and Siena are worth a visit. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, probably one of the most visited attractions in Italy, is considered the most famous monument in Tuscany.

In addition, this region is also famous for its landscape of exceptional beauty, characterized above all by the typical pine forests, the cypress avenues, the green wine hills, the golden yellow fields and the olive groves. Photographers from all over the world travel to Tuscany to take their best photos here. Economically, the region lives mainly on tourism, viticulture and olive oil production. The most famous Tuscan wines, which are also among the best in the world, are BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, VINO Nobile DI MONTEPULCINO, Chianti and SASSICAIA.

Tuscany Beaches

  1. Lido DI San VINCENZO, Etruscan Coast
  2. SANSONE Beach, Elba Island
  5. GOMBO Beach, Marina DI VECCHIANO
  8. CALA del Gesso, Porto Santo Stefano

Tuscany in Springs

Fields in bloom, nature that awakens, the best time to discover the Tuscan countryside is in spring. From the mountains of the Apennines to the beaches of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, through olive groves, lagoons and woods, Tuscany offers wonderful landscapes to discover or rediscover in spring.

Tuscany in the Autumn

Mild climate, air that smells of chestnuts and harvest: autumn in Tuscany enhances the senses.  Paths and paths cross the countryside between villages, abbeys, castles, farmhouses and of course vineyards like those of Chianti touched by one of the most interesting wine roads in Italy. If you are looking for destinations for trips out of town, here is a selection.

Tour operator in Tuscany