Naples ( city of joy)

Naples, the capital of Southern Italy is the city of Vesuvius, the homeland of pizza. There are too many nuances, details, contradictions to be taken into account. However, it is no coincidence, therefore, that to try to understand the city we turn more often to art, poetry and music. For example, to the very famous “Napul è” of Pino Daniele, a song that alone is worth thousands of books dedicated to the city. In short, Naples is a challenge and beautiful. Moreover, I can only recommend some things to do for a first approach to the city.



However woe to reduce Spaccanapoli to a tourist postcard, it is the city, with its many resources and many problems. Criticalities that in any other place would undermine social peace and that instead have always here. This is why I said at the beginning that Naples is a challenge. As for beauty, however, the “Veiled Christ” of Giuseppe Sammartino is worth more than many words. The sculpture is according to many art critics the most beautiful ever. It is in inside the Sansevero Chapel, behind Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, in via Francesco De Sanctis.

There is obviously much more to see: there is San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the shepherds; there is the Archaeological Museun and the Duomo. Before visiting the latter, however, it is necessary (more, MANDATORY!), to stop for a pizza. There are so many addresses where you can enjoy tasty pizza. However, I point out 4: pizzeria “Da Michele”, behind Forcella; the “Trianon” pizzeria in front of the theater of the same name. Secondly, I will advise the pizzeria of “Gino Sorbillo” and finally the pizzeria “Di Matteo”. It rose to the headlines for the visit, in 1994, of the then President of the United States Bill Clinton, to Naples to participate in the G7.

Naples ( city of joy)