I am Manny, travelling is my passion and I do understand what exactly a traveler need during a tour.  Because, firstly, It may be a group, solo or business tours. Secondly, we can ensure you a perfect tour with world class services and Passionate about travel and knowledge. Thirdly, I myself explored thousand and more cultures and traditions also explored the world in all its continents.

Finally. I worked for almost 10 years as a Tour Operator, proposing destinations in Oceania, Pacific Islands and Asia as well. Travelling and living in those places I was able to know and appreciate them and organize unforgettable trips. Moreover, after travelling a lot around the world, both for business and tourism purposes. I decided, with our team, to “welcome” the world to my home, in my beautiful and rich country.



I have also worked for several years as a language expert so I do love to communicate and collaborate with people and satisfying their needs. This is why I can’t wait to be able to propose our travel ideas and make our travelers’ dreams come true.

However, I take care of the contents of the site and the social channels of 20 Regions of Italy. Every month I select and create events, stories, recipes and images. It can tell you and give you a foretaste of the beauty and goodness that is hidden in the country that once belonged to Dante and Leonardo. I like animals, sports and travels to discover unusual destinations and experiences. We look forward to seeing you with enthusiasm to make you live unique experiences in every corner of this beautiful country.

In short, I had the opportunity to work for the largest Tour Operators in the sector and then move to the tourist villages sector, where I was also able to gain experience in customer assistance.