Capri, Italy Island

Capri, the blue island lying like a mermaid in the Gulf of Naples, has always been expensive holiday. In these pages you will find the most beautiful things to see and do in Capri without spending a fortune. Its proximity to Naples and Sorrento makes Capri an ideal destination for a hit and run holiday. 1 the mythical Faraglioni to the Blue Grotto, 2 the famous Piazzetta to the villa of the Emperor Tiberius

However, the Faraglioni are one of the symbols of Capri. These are three large rocky boulders that are located just off the coast of Capri in the blue, and can reach with boat. In addition, the highest is 109 meters high, while the one in the middle natural cave that can see with boat. The name “Faraglioni” derives from the Greek Pharos and is due to the fact that large fires were lit here to signal the route to sailors. Moreover, this place is awesome for relax with your lover or family members. In short, it is the paradise for see lover.


Mount Solaro

In addition, with its 589 meters, Monte Solaro is the “mountain” of Capri and the ideal point to let the view sweep from the island lying at its feet. However, the mainland with Naples and Salerno, in front of the boundless blue of the sea is just amazing. Moreover, there are many species of birds nest here, including the Peregrine Falcon. You can admire the flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean. The best time for an excursion to Monte is in spring. The penetrating scents of Freesias and Wisteria guide you along the paths. On Monte, the Hermitage of Santa Maria a Cetrella, in the past was a place of spiritual retreat for the monks. In conclusion, the remains of the Castle of Barbarossa built around the eleventh century.

Capri, Italy Island