Angela, I am Italian and working in tourism sector from last 10 years. I am the perfect travel agent because, firstly, I have sound experience and knowledge of Italian tourism. Secondly, I am always available to create your upcoming trip with perfection to Italy. Let’s analyze in depth the professional figure of the travel consultant (read here Travel Consultant, professional of the future). In a sense it is a “walking” travel agency. And the more she travels, the more experienced she becomes. In short, let’s find out why by reading this data sheet. However, the travel consultant can be considered as a tourist agent who, instead of carrying out his duties at a traditional travel agency, works via the Internet and personally goes to the homes of potential buyers to offer tourism products and services.



The travel consultant is required to undertake the tasks and activities indicated below:

  • identify potential buyers of tourist services
  • send information material by e-mail
  • provide the client with tourist advice, analyzing their needs and financial availability at first, and subsequently proposing a series of options that meet the identified requirements
  • advise the customer in choosing a travel solution
  • checking availability for chosen product
  • make the reservation and conclude the transaction after payment by the customer

Required skills

  • Good knowledge of English
  • Excellent knowledge in IT
  • Good general knowledge

Qualities and Skills

Technical-professional skills

  • Firstly, In-depth understanding of tourism and its components: intermediation, accommodation, transport.
  • Secondly, Knowledge of the geographical, climatic, political, and cultural characteristics of the main destinations.
  • Thirdly, Good Knowledge of tariff construction techniques
  • Fourthly, Understanding the management software applied to tourism and tourism inter-mediation
  • Finally, Knowledge of the juridical and legal aspects for the purchase and sale of tourist services

Transversal skills

  • Good language property
  • Preparation for listening
  • Kindness, courtesy and patience

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